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    I am currently have a domain fully registered with WordPress.com and I personally am loving it.

    Domains are pretty cool, I feel a bit of prestige in having one. It’s located at noprestige.com and there’s a joke in there somewhere.

    Anyway, I so far I’ve been able to do some interesting things. I registered a second blog to the domain through WordPress, and I also registered my Tumblr through a CNAME entry.

    I also put up an A entry pointed toward my local IP address so I have easy remote access to my own home server, used for data storage and L4D2 games.

    However, the IP address isn’t static. It doesn’t change every five seconds, but I have been caught by surprise a few times where I had to update my DNS records.

    Naturally, I decided to sign up for a Dynamic IP service. Which, thankfully, there are several providers that provide the service for free.

    But I haven’t found any that will play nice with my domain.

    No-ip was the first one I looked at, but they don’t appear to provide that service in any way.

    There’s also freedns.afraid.org which advertises the ability to work with a domain I already own. But just as I’m about to set everything up, I see this:

    NOTE! You must register your domain with these name servers:


    Also… make sure you are ONLY using the above nameservers unless you know what you are doing.

    It seemed as if they require a domain name transfer, and I don’t want to do that. I like WordPress, and transferring this would only create problems.

    At first I thought creating a CNAME entry would work, but I’m pretty sure I was wrong.

    Looking around a bit more, I found Namecheap, which also advertises the ability to work with a domain I already own, but this time, without a transfer. Then I see this:

    At your current registrar, point your host to the nameservers:

    I guess you can see where this is going.

    On a lark, I pointed a CNAME entry to my no-ip account, and got this:

    No website configured for this address

    So that broke.

    Now what?

    Am I missing some other approach I could attempt? All I can think of at this point is designing a script on my router or server that alters the DNS records, and updates the A entry I’m using now.

    I hope there’s a better solution.

    Perhaps I can do something on my server to make it work with a CNAME entry. But I don’t even know where to start there.

    What am I missing?

    The blog I need help with is noprestige.com.

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