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Dynamic Post-body-height in WordPress theme Tanzaku

  1. i am currently developing a music blog in wordpress and used the Tanzaku theme as a base for my concept. i think for my purpose, it is not necessary to have a single post view of the content, i want to show everything directly on the mainpage. But, i still want to enable comments. In order to keep the look and the overview, i managed to hide and collapse the comment section, but i encountered some troubles:

    the height of the posts are kinda fixed and when the comment section collapses it lays under the other posts (check the most bottom posts to see how it should look like). So how do i get the height to change dynamically with the comment section? I think it has to do with the main funtion of the Tanzaku theme but i could not figured it out yet. I hope, that i just missed something and that the problem is solved easily...

    Thank you for your help! And btw, the is just a prototype, i just want to make sure that all the main functions work fine before i start really designing it.

    thanks, artur

    edit: ok, i figured it out that it has to do sth with the theme's functions.php. when you resize the window after opening a comment section, the comment section is visible in the new arrangement of the content. if you hide the section then, it leaves an ugly white space... so, i think, you have to trigger the height mechanism everytime you hit the 'show comments' link. but well.... i have no idea how to do that. any help?

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