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    i am currently looking at building a site with WordPress. The site it’s self will be mostly made up of non-blog style pages. (although there will be a blog element at some point)

    so here is the idea –

    once a client logs in to the site they will be redirected to there own landing page with information / links / sub pages that are tailored to that user / user group.

    is this within the scope of WordPress?

    many thanks for your help.



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    I don’t think so in the normal sense. If you set up a bunch of people as contributors or authors, when they sign in they would go to the main dashboard for the blog. They would be limited on what they could do though by the permissions for that particular role.

    What is used here at wordpress.COM is wordpress multi-user, and it is available for download although the version you would download would not have anywhere near as many features and such as the version used here. You could then set up a static site like the wordpress normal pages (features, main page, etc.) and then set you clients up with a blog. Your main site would be something like yourdomain.com and then your clients would be set up as subdomains such as client.yourdomain.com.

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