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Dynamic/Rolling/Updated Blogroll (like in Blogspot/Blogger)

  1. I haven't found (or missed?) a thread for a blogspot-like blogroll, so am starting one here.

    I saw the post earlier this year from WordPress over at The Daily Post on how to build a better blogroll. It offers good tips, but still, I can't help but envy the blogroll gadget over at blogspot where the blogroll gets updated automatically with the latest published articles from the blog list.

    Personally, I like this (blogspot) feature because:
    - it allows me to discover other active blogs related to the one I landed on
    - the snippet gives me a quick taste of what I can expect from the other blogs. I know it's possible to add a description for the links on WordPress, but it's also nice to let the reader judge for him/herself.
    - it makes the blogroll more alive, not just a static list of links

    For users who simply want to keep track of their favorite links, the blogroll widget may be just fine, but for those who want to share a passion/topic with other readers, I feel that the blogspot blogroll is really a plus, somehow, it feels more engaging.

    I've found other users asking about this feature, so I imagine there must be more out there. If you're one of them, please, join the cause :)

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