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    I would like to use my companies printed catalog as our online catalog. I want to use the PDF version of the pages and allow a visitor to view the pages and click on the pictures of the individual products to purchase them and learn. I will need to hire a programmer to create “buttons” (? thats the best way I can describe it, surely thats the wrong term but I hope it makes my idea clear) on the converted PDF pages as well as organize them and create a seamless transition from the normal section of our website to our online catalog. I already have our website created and I have the shopping cart setup through authorize.net.
    What I would appreciate advice on is if there is a certain tool or format currently available to do this kind of job, if not what direction would be good for me to go towards to achieve the end result I’m after. I want to avoid having pages that require more than a 3G connection to load in a few seconds. and obviously I want to be mobile device efficient.
    I would greatly appreciate and feedback you may have to give.



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