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  1. What is the max amount of products one can have on a e-commerce site 100-50,000 100,000-1,000,000

  2. If you are talking about a site hosted here on WordPressdotcom, then the answer depends on which e-commerce partner you've connected your site to via your Business bundle upgrade. More about ecommerce here:

  3. So how many product will ether one carry?

  4. What is the WordPressdotcom site you need help with? Just to clarify, about 30% of the people posting here actually have standalone installs of the WP software and need to be supported elsewhere.

  5. What? you have not give me a clear answer on any of my questions.

  6. All the information relevant to sites hosted on WordPressdotcom can be found in the Support document I linked to earlier

  7. Hi there,

    As @JenT mentioned, it depends on what e-commerce partner you decide to use. For example, Ecwid has four different plans. You can use up to 10 products on the free plan and unlimited amount of products on the highest plan.

    So, let me know what e-commerce store you'd prefer to use and I can provide further information.

    Again, all information can be found in the provided link below:


  8. Thanks.

  9. You're welcome!

  10. @darnelldibbles - And since your last reply, it seems that the 3 previous e-commerce options are retired!

    Can only hope this means we're about to welcome Woo to the WordPressdotcom platform! :D

  11. @justjennifer
    Yes, you nailed it!

  12. @JenT ....


  13. And SSL for custom domains is also being rolled out, right? ;)

  14. @tt - @rootjosh already confirmed that in another forum thread.

    @darnelldibbles - Alrighty then! :)

  15. @JenT

    All of our Business Users either have or should be receiving an e-mail regarding the update. =)

  16. @darnelldibbles - Thanks for that.

    Is there something specific we volunteers should be advising potential Business users? I notice that there is no mention of ecommerce on

  17. @JenT -

    Well, we decided to remove the e-commerce plugins for now because they were not up to neither our nor many our users' satisfaction. We are working on integrating a superior e-commerce option for our users, but the timetable for that implementation is uncertain.

    If anyone has further questions regarding the Business plan, feel free to send them to support[at]


  18. christinedelorey

    @darnelldibbles - no matter where I go for more info on the question of the business plan and e-commerce, I keep getting referred back to this page.

    This includes " support[at]"

    I understand that you too are having to wait for info, and thank you in advance for any news you may be able to provide. I want to upgrade to the business plan as soon as possible.

  19. Thanks, Christine,

    At this point, there isn't a definitive time in which e-commerce will be re-added to the business plan, but I will update this thread once I receive information on any progress I come across.

    Thank you!

  20. fattymattybrewing

    This is the thread to be on for those of us in waiting mode for ecommerce functionality with I love and choose because I love having no worries of maintaining hosted WordPress installations for my and my clients websites I proudly steer to Looking forward to any ecommerce news with and thanks for being awesome.

  21. Following post,

    Is there an update on the release date for the eCommerce plugins as yet?


  22. Thanks for your patience, but there are no updates at the moment.

    Rest assured that once I hear something, so will you - I'll definitely update the thread with all the juicy details. =)


  23. I'd like to keep following this post as well as I've just decided to try start using the eCommerce side of my business site. ... only to find that it has been discontinued for now :-(

    I've read up about linking to PayPal with adding in buttons with links to a payment page. I'd love to know how this is going for anyone using it as I'm probably going to try set that up for the meantime.

    Looking forward to any update on WordPress getting it right.

    Thanking you.

  24. Thanks!

    Will definitely update once I hear about any progress we have made.

  25. Sorry complete newbie.. was looking at using WordPress for hosting and my small business website and handling transactions.. can I not do this now?

  26. @mjtefc9
    The answer is no and I already answered you fully here

  27. What a disgusting attitude.. I wont be doing anything wordpress going further due to your attitude.. I was asking for advice

  28. I provided this:

    There is no secure payments system here at wordpress.COM and you cannot add a shopping cart to sites hosted by wordpress.COM.

    E-commerce options have been removed here at WordPress.COM. Secure payment systems are not available here at wordpress.COM. You need a wordpress.ORG install. Please read this

    Provided you are selling only what you yourself make or a service that you personally provide on a wordpress.COM site you have two options.

    (1) PayPal - Know that the only instructions that will work for posting a PayPal donation button on a blog are found here
    Note that the PayPal email link is not supported and PayPal customization options are not supported either This is not likely to be changed any time soon, if at all.

    (2) If you set up an eCommerce site somewhere else online you can create a custom menu and include a custom link to that site in it.

    Some bloggers create a contact form on a page and after the people have made a PayPal donation they provide the link to a private page for downloading files. Maybe that will work for you.

    This guide will explain how to move your site to another hosting platform: Moving to a Self-Hosted WordPress Site where you can set up a secure payment system

  29. And as I said, I'm new to this.. and just wanted clarification

  30. @mjtefc9
    If what I provided above at (1) and (2) do not suit you, then this guide will explain how to move your site to another hosting platform: Moving to a Self-Hosted WordPress Site where you can set up a secure payment system

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