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    I sell hand roasted coffee and I’m trying to make it easier for my customers to buy it by creating a website.
    I bought the .net account… can I sell through this? or do I need the wordpress.org option?
    I would like to have a paypal setup with order forms.
    anybody got any advice?


    The blog I need help with is cafesantana.net.



    No, I’m afraid WordPress.COM does not integrate well with ecommerce (or at all, really). The only Paypal function we are allowed to use here is the Donate button.

    Buying the domain was not a mistake, though. You are going to need a WordPress.org install with paid hosting, but you are also going to need a custom domain name, and you’ve already got that, so you’re ahead. Just change where it points once you’ve got the new site up and running.


    ok, thank you.
    It should be easy to migrate from a wordpress.com to wordpress.org?

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