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    I haven’t even started my blog as I am trying to figure out if this will work for me or if I need to do this custom. I want to list some businesses on my blog, allow the business owners the opportunity to upgrade their business listing. I want them to add an image and some text about their business and have this either sent to me to update or automatically updated. AND I would like to have them pay a fee that is done all online for this service.

    Is there anything out there on WordPress that might even get me close to this?

    The blog I need help with is phillyareayoga.wordpress.com.



    Yes, there is, just not at WordPress.COM, which is where you are. Our blogs here are really not suited for ecommerce or the kind of platform you’re talking about.

    You can do this really easily with a WordPress.ORG blog and some plugins, provided you have a reasonable degree of competence and can find hosting. How-to’s for that are over at WordPress.org, not here.



    Yes it would be quite handy if you could set in the paypal buttonsm as you can create buy it now buttons etc on paypal but I have tried and no they don’t want to work here for me, a real shame as a lot of people would like to be able to sell items on their page. Mybe we should ask them to see if they can set it up ti be able to .hint hint



    Take a number: yours will be around 3.5 million.

    If you want to engage in ecommerce, a solution exists: WordPress.org.



    Yes but then you have to get hosting etc, you would think that if 3.5 million suggested it they might think it may be a good idea, ok so they want to profit from it too maybe do as ebay does and we pay some % if we sell something, win win



    There are no plans to add e-commerce functionality to WordPress.com at this time.



    Try http://getshopped.com/

    It’s basically an e-Commerce equivalent of WordPress.com which also runs on WordPress. It’s built by the developers of the WP e-Commerce plugin for WordPress.

    I’ve used it before myself. It’s a terrific way to get basic e-commerce sites of the ground quickly and easily.

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