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    New to WordPress, Google brings up a wealth of information on creating a e-commerce page. But what to choose, where to start? I’m starting a small, niche vinyl record shop. Would like short samples of audio, shopping cart, photo of item etc. Not sure which products to choose. Little overwhelmed.

    The blog I need help with is fouramrecords.wordpress.com.



    It’s generally a good idea to start with the sticky threads at the top of the forum. A quick glance through there will tell you that WordPress.COM is completely unsuitable for ecommerce and WordPress.ORG is optimized for it. Support and advice for using software from WordPress.ORG is available in their own support forums. Our software here is so different that our answers would be irrelevant.


    e-commerce isn’t possible here at wordpress.COM. For one thing, the code and programming needed to do it is not allowed here for security reasons and secondly, it is against the Terms of service. You can sell things you create yourself such as jewelry, crafts, art, etc. but you cannot sell things you buy.


    For e-commerce, you will have to self-host a blog on a third party hosting service such as godaddy, dream host, etc., using the software from wordpress.ORG. Figure an average monthly cost of about $25 to $50 including payment processing and SSL certificate. There might also be some one-time set up fees with the payment processing people, and prices for SSL certificates can vary widely from place to place.



    thank you for the insight.


    You are welcome and good luck.

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