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    I’m completely new to WordPress (and blogging), and have recently started a blog here (http://keekhole.wordpress.com). I am now wondering about how private my e-mail address is, and have not been able to find the info I’m looking for in the forums or on the support pages.
    I understand that my email doesn’t appear for everyone to see on blogs where I comment. But I’m not sure if it’s passed on to the blogger in questions when I comment? I think it does, as the email for someone who left a comment for me is visible to me – can anyone confirm? But does it depend on what setting the blogger has for comments, or?

    Also, I read in some threads about changing the email at Settings > General > E-mail address – explained as “This address is used only for admin purposes. If you change this we will send you an email at your new address to confirm it. The new address will not become active until confirmed”. For me, “admin purposes” sounds as if it’s only for me (and WP to keep track of me), not something that will show up for others? The other place for entering your email is in Users > Your Profile. I’m not clear on what the difference is between these two email options, and which is the more “important” one?

    Basically, I’m wary of revealing my email… Is it possible to avoid leavning my email when I leave a comment? (As I said, I’m new to this so also am not very familiar with “code of conduct” yet, it’s perhaps obvious to everyone else…)

    I hope someone can help clarify this for me, and sorry if it’s a stupid question.



    No, people who comment on your blog won’t see your email UNLESS you respond to their comment by emailing them directly. When you leave comments on other people’s blogs you do have to put in an email address (and if you’re signed in to WP.com, it’ll be the one associated with your account). There is no way round this. If you’re really worried, why not set up another email account and use that one only for situations like this?



    Thanks Ros, but which of the email addresses is the one associated with my account & sent when I comment, the one in Settings > General or the on in Users > Your profile? Just so that I change the right one.

    I’m still a little confused, as I didn’t have to enter any email address when I left a comment… Hmm, so perhaps this is beacuse I’m logged into my account??
    But it means I have no idea which of the 2 emails is being used/sent to the author for moderation?

    Sorry to be so thick… and thanks for your efforts.



    You don’t have to enter your email address if you’re signed in. But then the email address is automatically visible to the blog owner.

    Ros is talking about signing out altogether and using a completely different email when you fill in the form. If you use the same URL as your blog, your avatar should still display.



    Ah, I see, thanks raincoaster (many things are not at all obvious for a beginner).
    Although I’m still wondering about the 2 places for entering one’s email & the difference between them, if any?

    (I changed my display name this afternoon, but it’s still me.)



    Oh, the name shown here is apparently not the display name after all…

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