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E-mail deleted, can't retrieve password

  1. suzanmartino1984

    I own , but the log in and password were created with under an e-mail that no longer exists, so I don't have any user info on this one (API key, etc), since all details were deleted along the account.

    I still remember the e-mail account used to create it, but when I use the "forgot password?", obviously, I don't receive the e-mail...

    I'd really like to retrieve its password so I can use my address :(

  2. If you can't receive emails at the address the site was set up under, and you do not have the API key, I'm afraid you are out of luck getting back into it.

    I'll tag this for staff attention, but they will tell you the same thing. They can however make the site private for you and then you can start a new one.

  3. Are you sure that you no longer have access to the suz[...] (at) email address?

    If you don't, and you don't have your API key, the best that I can do for you is make the blog private if you confirm the exact email address and the year the blog was registered.

  4. suzanmartino1984

    yes, unfortunately this e-mail no longer exists... :(

    and to "help", I transferred another blog to this account by mistake ( ). Can you undo the transfer?

    the e-mail was [email redacted] , and was created on 2009.

    Thank you very much thesacredpath and macmanx!
    sorry for the trouble

  5. I have transferred back to your account as requested.

    As the other blog, the information you provided did match, so I have made it private.

  6. suzanmartino1984

    thaaaaaaaanks a lot!!!! ♥

  7. You're welcome!

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