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    Hello Supporters..

    i got 6 different E-Mail-Subscriptions in 4 ours from the same E-Mail-Domain “@xlxe.pl” in my German Language Blog.

    So i don’t believe that this Mailaccounts are real Persons, because
    a) The Names are not real (i.e “alakampozyczk”, “japaimeroki”, “kurmmojeplecym”)
    b) Polish People cannot read German
    c) all Subrcribers from Domain xlxe.pl

    –> so it must be Spam

    Problem is: There is no possibility to edit E-Mail-Followers by Admin (myself).

    What can i do to prevent Spam-Subscribers?

    Best Regards, Peter

    The blog I need help with is peterpanch.wordpress.com.



    Hi there,

    My wordpress blog is forelleundaesche.com

    I also got an email subscription from
    Username: alakampozyczka
    Domain: @xlxe.pl

    A search on the internet produces a few results on http://www.stopforumspam.com highlighting emails originating from this Polish domain.

    My biggest concern comes from this homepage http://www.averscanner.com/scan/81/protector-xlxe-exe.shtml

    which states that: The file PROTECTOR-XLXE.EXE is identified as the Trojan Program that is used for stealing bank information and users passwords.

    Could you please look into this and advise how I should proceed?

    Thanks and best regards



    Thame problem here, how May i delete These followers?


    Hi, I have the same problem and I don’t have any problem how can I delete unwanted spam-followers :(


    I wanted write: I don’t have any idea how can I delete unwanted spam-followers.



    i also have this spam my web.


    would you pls delete this follower?




    there are many spam from the same person.

    how to protect any damage from these spam?


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    If your site is public, then anyone can follow your blog. You cannot control who is following you. See this thread with much discussion on this topic:

    This forum tag shows many other threads on this subject as well:


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    From my first link above:

    If the suspect followers are indeed WordPress.com users, please visit their blog via one of the links in the notification email.

    If it’s a spam blog, please report it: http://en.support.wordpress.com/report-blogs/

    This will shut down their account (pending approval of the report), and it also has the added benefit of determining if it really is a fake follower or a legitimate follower who just has a lousy account name.

    from macmanx, happiness engineer


    1tess: What notification email? I don’t see any bloglink in mine?


    I can’t even find the subscriptions in any drop Down menu.



    I also got 4 new e-mail subscription in the past few days with @xlxe.pl addresses, and one with a @cheapvpshostings.com address, while according to my stats nobody even viewed my blog.

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