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    I’ve been trying to set up e-mail forwarding so that when someone emails (email redacted) it will forward on to the list of addresses I have entered into the forwarding rule.

    It seems to work intermittently.

    When an error arises the following is sent to the person sending the mail to the forwarding address:

    #< #5.4.4 X-Postfix; Host or domain name not found. Name service error for name=sc type=A: Host found but no data record of requested type> #SMTP#

    It also appears to have truncated the list of addresses I entered (the 12th address has characters missing) so it has not been delivered to all intended recipients.

    Has anyone successfully managed to do this?

    If these are permanent limitations I wondered if, since the domain is registered through WordPress, it might be possible to set up the e-mail side of it with the provider WordPress have used?

    Any suggestions warmly welcomed!

    The blog I need help with is volunteeringroundtable.com.






    Flagged for staff – have never heard of the email forwarding being set up to generate some sort of spam like list



    “Spam like list”? Thank for the “helpful like” response.

    This is a fairly standard e-mail forwarding example that seems to be impossible to set up due to limitations of WordPress and whatever the relationship with the hosting company is.

    I was not responsible for acquiring the domain so we’re stuck with working with the limitations of WordPress.

    Still keen to hear if anyone has found a workaround.



    I look on sending to 12 or so addresses as “spam like” – I do use the contact form on my site for up to 3 email addresses – so maybe I am also guilty of the same –

    my guess is that the developers never anticipated that large of a forwarding list – but the staff can look into the limits you have



    I can see where you’re coming from if that’s why a limit was set.

    I’ll see if we can get access to any sort of admin portal from the host rather than WP. Looks like the only alternative at the moment.




    Invites to join a blog can only be sent 10 at a time as an anti-spam feature, so that same limit on the email might be what you are running into



    Hi there,

    Our email forwarding service may only forward emails to one address at a time.


    Entering more than one can cause errors such as the one you encountered. I would look into setting up a Gmail account and setup a filter to send emails to multiple accounts at once. Here’s a page that contains instructions:


    When that’s done, go back to the email forwarding panel and enter the new Gmail address in the “Will be forwarded to” field.


    Let me know if that works. Thank you!

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