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    This shit site gave my e-mail to anyone and everyone, now the spam doesn’t stop.

    Go to hell, WordPress.



    You are jumping to conclusions.

    If you commented and left your email address on the comment then it’s you who did that not WordPress.com.

    The vast and overwhelming majority of all so-called information on the internet is spam. Over 80% of all so-called comments submitted to .wordpress.com blogs every day are spam. Spam comes in waves. There are human beings who get paid to post spam. There are robotic programs that post spam.

    The worst of all spam containing malware and viruses is not sent to us. It’s removed as it could bring down many blogs if opened.

    On the spam that Akismet catches it takes only seconds to click “empty spam” and you don’t even have to click “empty spam” if you don’t want to. Akismet will maintain comments it has caught for 15 days from the time they were received, and then it will delete the comment automatically.

    If you get spam that slips by Akismet then mark it as spam (do not delete it) and over time Akismet will learn it’s spam.

    There is no such thing as eliminating all spam but Akismet works very well. For more information please take the time to read “5 things every blogger should know about spam” on this page Akismet: How it works http://akismet.com/how/

    Lastly the next time you are unable to control yourself and communicate civilly I suggest you read this because we Volunteers don’t have to take abuse from any bloggers and certainly not from those who leap to conclusions and post false allegations https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/wordpresscom-forums-code-of-conduct?replies=1



    “If you commented and left your email address on the comment then it’s you who did that not WordPress.com.”

    And why in God’s name is WordPress publicizing e-mails? I submitted my email after clicking the “Notify me of followup posts via e-mail” box. There is no reason, whatsoever, for WordPress to have a text field for e-mail that will be publicly displayed. If someone wants to display their e-mail they’ll write it in the comment.

    I did not jump to conclusions, I simply found the source of my problem–a problem which I have NEVER had before with ANY blog or website. Thank you for taking the time to try to help out, but the spam has been dealt with. The issue is WordPress’s lack of confidentiality. I would delete my account, but this godawful site doesn’t allow it.



    WordPress.com is not publicizing email addresses. Please be patient as I tagged this thread for a Staff response.



    Hello, @lemalas,

    If I may ask, where did you find your email in a public-facing interface in the WordPress.com system? We do take your privacy seriously and we would like to know if there is an issue somewhere on our site.

    In regard to your second message, while you’re right that you cannot fully delete your account, you can do everything but. Here’s information on how:





    I commented on a blog which also asked for my e-mail, but read “Will not be publicly displayed.” Since that hour I received numerous e-mails from miscellaneous organizations.

    Their blog is now private, so I cannot access nor edit my post to remove the e-mail.




    What blog was it that you commented on? If it was within the WordPress.com system, you should not have needed to enter your email address. The fact that you were logged in would have been sufficient to comment on any blog.



    But if you’re logged in, the blog owner can see your email. It’s possible the blog owner sold or gave your email address to spammers, but that’s not a WordPress.com issue so much as a “choose your platforms to comment in” issue. You would not be able to edit or remove your comment in any case.

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