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E-mail notices not received using Feed Burner.

  1. It appears that the email service Feed Burner I've not setup correctly. No one is getting e-mail notices when an entry is made to the blog. I do because I am the moderator. How can I test this? The other blog in question is


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I only see one post in your feed - - and it was published back in May.

  3. OK maybe I don't understand how Feed Burner works. I thought who ever submits an entry all members oft he blog should receive notice. What is happenning - no one is getting a notice. What have I done wrong?

  4. Have I sent things up correctly?

  5. Feeds only pick up on posts that you make on your blog. You have only one post. The Feedburner email subscription is a system that allows subscribers to be notified by email when YOU make a new post on the blog. It is not an email forwarding service, or some sort of group email thing. It simply lets those that have subscribed to the service know when you have made a new post on the blog. And it only works with posts, not with static pages that you create.

  6. Thanks again thesacredpath!

    This is what I needed to know! So if a member of the blog (not me) submitted an entry is there a way that all members of that blog are notified?

  7. Depends what you mean by Member. Are they Authors, Contributors, Administrators?

  8. Yeah I got a bit confused by that too.

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