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e-mail notifications

  1. I don't recieve new e-mails regarding new followers and likes although they are checked in notification configuration part.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have you confirmed your settings here?
    Settings > Discussion:
    E-mail me whenever
    __ Anyone posts a comment
    __ A comment is held for moderation
    __ Someone likes one of my posts
    __ Someone reblogs one of my posts
    __ Someone follows my blog
    click "save changes" when you are done.

    Have you also checked your email client spam/junk mail folder and white-listed email from

  3. designingforcurbappeal

    I have the same problem.

  4. Yes, the settings are confirmed and I've also checked the spam folder as well..

  5. Please see what I posted above. Many bloggers forget to whitelist email from in their email client. Please be sure you check your email client spam/junk mail folder and do the whitelisting.

  6. @teapotea
    I have tagged this thread for Staff help.

  7. Thank you for your support!

  8. Hi there @teapotea,

    I just "Followed" your blog - let me know if you get an email notification!


  9. Linda,

    I just "Followed" your blog as well - please let me know if you get an email notification!


  10. Hi,
    I get notifications for direct WordPress followers but not for e-mail followers (or likes), plus new Facebook followers are not shown if I don't re-link the facebook page.

  11. designingforcurbappeal

    I just got your message. Thanks for following up on this

  12. designingforcurbappeal

    Got it

  13. Ok, so Linda it appears that your feature is working correctly.

    Users that are not logged in as members will not generate an email to you regarding their activity. I notice, Ece Erel, that all your latest followers are non-members. That is why you haven't been receiving an email.

    You may need to clear your cache to make sure that your Publicize is working - you shouldn't have to disconnect and reconnect. Here is more information about how to do that:

  14. designingforcurbappeal

    Will do. thanks again

  15. Terrific!

  16. But I used to receive them before, I have recently changed the name of my blog and I stop getting e-mails afterwards.

    I also read on wordpress' website that I should be getting e-mails regarding the likes as well, but I don't get them either.

  17. Oh that's really interesting Ece Erel.

    I just liked your blog and a post in your blog. Can you let me know if you get notifications for those? I just need to double check that you aren't receiving these from logged-in users.


  18. I received two mails, I don't have any problems with logged in users but with non wordpress users.

    I don't receive e-mails for facebook, twitter, pinterest, g+ etc likes/sharings...

  19. Ok, I see.

    You won't receive notification for non-logged in users. You will only see "like" notifications from logged-in users as well - the other services won't send notifications at all.

    I hope that helps clear up some confusion!

  20. darcydigsherheels

    Hello, I'm having a similar issue; I'm not getting toolbar notifications of new blog likes, however I am getting emails.

    Also, the Gravatar icons (of WP users who liked my post) are not showing on my new blog post, although the count is there.

    My settings are the same and enabled to share/show icons.

    Any ideas?

  21. darcydigsherheels


    It's not just the new post anymore. If you look at my 'About' section 3 bloggers liked the page, but only 2 Gravatar icons. I also didn't receive the usual notification on my toolbar, just an email. Thanks.

  22. Hi there Atreyu,

    If the user hasn't set a specific Gravatar, it won't show up there for you - but the number is accurate.

    Regarding getting notifications in your admin bar, this recently has been undergoing changes. Could you try clearing your cache and checking to see if you're still having the issue? Here is more information about how to do that:


  23. darcydigsherheels

    Hi Zandy,

    The users who liked my recent blog entry have all liked previous blog posts, and yet in my newest post, no icons bar one. Take a look. Four WP user likes, and only one icon.

    Where have they disappeared to?

    Many thanks.

  24. Hi Atreyu,

    Could you take a screenshot of what you see? Here's one I took (I saved it to your media gallery), so we can compare:

    Just let me know, and we'll get to the bottom of this!

  25. darcydigsherheels

    Heya, screenshot taken and added to my media library.

    I do see that on your shot all the icons are there, how odd!

    Take a look at mine and let me know your thoughts...

    (I have cleared the cache, and I'm using Safari btw.)

    Thanks so much. :-)

  26. Hmm, that's really interesting.

    Here's some things I notice right away (besides your truncated list!) - check the latest image in your media gallery - I compare your screenshot to my Safari and my Chrome. Look at where the "6 bloggers like this" and the Gravatars are showing up on yours as compared to mine. I just double-checked in Firefox as well with the same result.

    Do you have any extensions on your browser? Could you check in a different browser to see if you see those switch around and the Gravatars appear?

    We're closing in on it, I can just feel it!

  27. darcydigsherheels

    Heya, I'm not sure what is meant by extensions on my browser (sorry, I don't only write about antiquity I'm pretty darn ensconced in it too, tech-wise!). I checked using IE (is that what you meant?) and same result (6 likes, only 3 icons coming up).

    Other bits of information:
    (I) I only received admin notifications of likes for the 3 icons I can see, I didn't for the other 3 - only emails.
    (II) This is now happening all over my blog unfortunately; if you look at my 'About' page, same issue, also in other recent posts.

    Ye gods what on earth is happening?

    Thanks so much for helping me. :-)

  28. darcydigsherheels

    I've uploaded another screenshot to my media library, of another recent post. Same problem, alas!

  29. Hi again Atreyu!

    Could you go to this site:

    And take a screenshot of your settings? I think we are probably looking at a browser kind of issue, but let's make sure.


  30. darcydigsherheels

    Heya, it's in my media library.

    Dying to get to the bottom of this...

    Incidentally, I've tried uninstalling/downloading Safari again, no joy.


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