E-mail Posting not “posting”

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    Greetings…hope you cane help. I am new to WP and just installed 2.7 on my host. I have correctly configured the “e-mail post” functionality to the best of my knowledge.

    yet when I visit wp-mail.php it shows that it found and “posted” new mail and deleted from my POP3 server. However the mails never show up on my blog…any idea what else I should check?



    I’m sorry your in the wrong Forum this is WP.COM you need WP.ORG

    Correct forum > http://wordpress.org/support/

    WordPress.com or WordPress.org ? The difference.


    Really? My blog is NOT hosted by wordpress.com…why would I go there? I have downloaded wordpress and installed it on my own server…I don’t even have an account with wordpress.com.


    Thanks for the link though…that explains why my login was working sometimes but not others….


    HA!! sorry I got the .com and .org backwards obviously…thanks!

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