Each Blog should come with its own Forum

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    That’s what I am currently doing.

    I have a Forum link in a text sidebar widget which takes you to my Forum on runboard.com (see http://brucewagner.wordpress.com )

    I would not need to use runboard.com at all, though, if only I could do it all here…

    What is the Difference between a Blog and a Forum?

    Essentially, I think it is this:

    In a Blog: Only the Blogger can post new threads/topics.

    In a Forum: Any Reader can post a new thread/topic.

    It seems like a SIMPLE feature to add to WordPress…

    The OPTION of allowing registered users to post BOTH — Comments and/or New Topics…



    I’m respectfully repeating that Mark has responded to your request (see: above). Please send in a feedback directly to staff if you wish to continue debating this with Mark.
    Thanks, in advance, for your cooperation. :)



    I think it’s pretty clear how much more complex this would be: with one blogger per blog, that’s almost 600,000 people for WordPress to deal with. If the blogs were all forums, even if they were tiny forums, that would be many millions of people potentially communicating with WordPress, attempting to post javascript, or what have you. Administratively, it’s an order of magnitude larger.

    Just as WordPress concentrates on doing blogs well, there are forum builders who concentrate on doing forums really well, and they do a good job. I support going to the experts rather than asking those who are excellent at one thing to attempt something they may not be interested in or particularly outstanding at. I know they’re a great team here at WordPress, but I don’t expect to divert them from their primary goal of providing the best blogging platform around.



    I couldn’t find the link to your forum from your sidebar. I found the link to runboard, but not to your forum. I want to check how you linked the two up. Can you give me a hint where to find it? Thanks.



    At the bottom.



    Maybe make a clickable image that says forum on a widget so when clicked it goes to whatever forum you’re using. Instead of just a text link that people might not see.



    Bruce…I’d need a map and several hours to find the forum in that massive sidebar. Is there any point cramming in so much stuff?

    Anyhoo…is there currently any way to display a forum on one of your blog’s pages? I’m using the free hosted version so no plug-ins.



    sussex: you wouldn’t be able to do that.

    All you could do is link to the forum.



    As I thought :(



    By the way… I just Googled…. And discovered…

    Your favorite site doesn’t provide RSS feeds?

    There is a free online service which converts any web page into an RSS feed… on the fly…

    It’s called, Feed43.com (supposedly pronounced, “Feed For Free”)

    The Forum / Message Boards host I am using (runboard.com) does not offer RSS Feeds, oddly enough… So, I am going to give Feed43 a try.

    Apparently, the way it works is: It “looks” at the web page and intelligently figures out the patterns of the data displayed there… and converts it into an RSS news feed…

    I’ll check it out and see how well it works… And I’ll report back…






    Since posting this topic, I think I have found a MUCH better way to integrate a Forum with your WordPress blog… (even better than the way I am currently doing it, with a simple link to a runboard.com forum)

    It is this:

    (1) Host your own WordPress blog (see wordpress.org or have godaddy install it for you)
    (2) Integrate it with Joomla and SMF (Simple Machines Forum)

    For an example of this, see this site: http://joomla.org



    SMF won’t install to individual blogs, just sitewide on the WPMu platform.



    I think maybe you are speaking a different language.

    : )

    I read that there is a “bridge” add-on that can totally integrate your Joomla website, and your SMF forums…. with a SINGLE login ID / PW, etc…



    As I know way too much about this issue, WordPress.org blogs integrate 100% with bbPress and you can even have bbPress as a comment system for WP. As well, they are 100% integrated and use the same userbase.




    Wow. Some people really don’t care to hear feedback.

    Bruce, you make good points. Timethief chill out, a little touchy there.

    I for one would also like forums within a blog, BUT I do think that might get hectic or be unnecessary for most blogs.



    If I interpret it correctly Dr Mike is saying is that whether or not you can integrate SMF with a WordPress.org blog, you cannot do it with a WordPress.com blog, because we’re on a shared blogging system. It would end up installing one forum for everyone on WordPress.com: not the right solution for anyone.



    The only contributions I have made to this thread were aimed at:
    (1) explaining that such requests must be made through feedback in order to get on the staff’s lists for priority for consideration; and
    (2) repeating staff response to the requests that had already been made which contained a work-around that IMO was an indication that forums were not going to be introduced in the near future https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic.php?id=6774&replies=38#post-44001
    (3) respectfully leaving the discussion on January 14th. https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic.php?id=6774&replies=38#post-44287

    I have not posted to this thread since January 14th so that means it’s you who perhaps needs to consider taking a time out on an iceberg and not me.

    I now respectfully offer to provide you with the instructions a how to get your opinion heard by staff. There is only one way to do this. Support is closed on weekends but tomorrow you can send in a feedback.


    I would like a forum feature too, and I don’t understand most of the suggestions for the workarounds. On my blog, people have made general-type comments on an arbitrarily selected, irrelevant post, just to put it somewhere. I have an About page but they don’t put it there. I would like to have that all in one place, and allow people to start threads too.



    Trent, since we’re using bbPress here in this forum, presumably WordPress.com is on that. If enough people ask for this to be an optional add-on to their blogs, this would be the obvious choice for them. I suggest sending a feedback if this works for you guys.

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