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Each Blog should come with its own Forum

  1. thanks

  2. Since posting this topic, I think I have found a MUCH better way to integrate a Forum with your WordPress blog... (even better than the way I am currently doing it, with a simple link to a forum)

    It is this:

    (1) Host your own WordPress blog (see or have godaddy install it for you)
    (2) Integrate it with Joomla and SMF (Simple Machines Forum)

    For an example of this, see this site:

  3. SMF won't install to individual blogs, just sitewide on the WPMu platform.

  4. I think maybe you are speaking a different language.

    : )

    I read that there is a "bridge" add-on that can totally integrate your Joomla website, and your SMF forums.... with a SINGLE login ID / PW, etc...

  5. As I know way too much about this issue, blogs integrate 100% with bbPress and you can even have bbPress as a comment system for WP. As well, they are 100% integrated and use the same userbase.


  6. Wow. Some people really don't care to hear feedback.

    Bruce, you make good points. Timethief chill out, a little touchy there.

    I for one would also like forums within a blog, BUT I do think that might get hectic or be unnecessary for most blogs.

  7. If I interpret it correctly Dr Mike is saying is that whether or not you can integrate SMF with a blog, you cannot do it with a blog, because we're on a shared blogging system. It would end up installing one forum for everyone on not the right solution for anyone.

  8. @zaid
    The only contributions I have made to this thread were aimed at:
    (1) explaining that such requests must be made through feedback in order to get on the staff's lists for priority for consideration; and
    (2) repeating staff response to the requests that had already been made which contained a work-around that IMO was an indication that forums were not going to be introduced in the near future
    (3) respectfully leaving the discussion on January 14th.

    I have not posted to this thread since January 14th so that means it's you who perhaps needs to consider taking a time out on an iceberg and not me.

    I now respectfully offer to provide you with the instructions a how to get your opinion heard by staff. There is only one way to do this. Support is closed on weekends but tomorrow you can send in a feedback.

  9. christinabarefoottrimmer

    I would like a forum feature too, and I don't understand most of the suggestions for the workarounds. On my blog, people have made general-type comments on an arbitrarily selected, irrelevant post, just to put it somewhere. I have an About page but they don't put it there. I would like to have that all in one place, and allow people to start threads too.

  10. Trent, since we're using bbPress here in this forum, presumably is on that. If enough people ask for this to be an optional add-on to their blogs, this would be the obvious choice for them. I suggest sending a feedback if this works for you guys.

  11. As for sharing tags across forum and blog, I'm not sure that would be acceptable to the search engines who connect with our tag system; most search engines don't search forums at all, or do so as a last resort, because the information there is generally considered to be low signal to noise. Don't know how they handle that technically, though.

  12. Actually I was thinking that Bruce wanted staff to add in the SMF system to blogs here. That wouldn't work as SMF will only work sitewide the bbpress does here for these forums. It would mess up with the individual blogs.

    Sorry for the confusion. :)

  13. The only reason I am currently debating moving away from is a lack of a simple forum, like this I suppose. I absolutely love it here and I am useless at any website related stuff. I've had my own domain for ages and I've installed the wordpress software months back trying to get used to doing it on my own, but I don't see myself do that any time soon, as I kept messing things up. :(

    Of course I could have a forum elsewhere and just link to there, but as the original poster said, it'd be great if it could be implemented.

    I'm a bit confused after reading this thread now.

    Posted by Mark: "Thanks for your suggestion. This is something only you have suggested and as such is going to be low on the list of priorities compared to features requested by other users.

    Does that mean if enough people are asking for the feature you would think about implementing it or is it literally a case of 'it can't be done' due to whatever issues?

    Maybe I missed some replies in which it was explained better, it's late over here, so apologies if my question has been answered already. :)

  14. @carocat
    As this is a long Easter weekend and as staff have weekends off I'm not clear if that means Mark is off tomorrow or not. What I am clear on is that this is a matter that ought to be directed to Mark via a feedback. :)

  15. Forums would be nice for those that would like them, but in reality, (run on wordpress MU) is a blogging service and not really related to forums. It is really easy to get WordPress and bbPress working together (as well as other forums) on another host, but not on (and other wordpress MU) installations. If you want, is a free service that will install WP for you and we can help anyone that wants to integrate with bbPress over in the forums there. As trying to get forums here is a policy issue, do as timetheif mentions and send a feedback in on Monday or Tuesday (depending on when they open) ;)


  16. Cheers for the replies. I was going to send a feedback after Easter and link back to this thread.

    Thanks again. :)

  17. Hi carocat,
    Yesterday Mark posted to say that he does not wish to receive feedbacks with links back to forum threads as he does not have time to read through lengthy forum threads. What he wanted to receive was feedbacks with all necessary information contained within them.

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