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    My RSS subscribing information is at the bottom of my blog, meaning that people have to scroll all the way down to find it. A number of people have complained that they can’t find it. How do I put a “subscribe” in my side bar?



    Link to your blog please so we can see
    starting with the prefix http://

    [How to link your name to your blog]




    I suggest adding an email subscription link (mine’s through Feed Burner) since most people aren’t familiar with feed/feed readers. If you email me your phone number, I’ll talk you through it. [email address removed by mtdewvirus]



    Putting your email address in a public forum isn’t a good idea. You’ll get tons of spam as the result.

    If you want to offer email updates, check out this FAQ http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/10/11/how-can-i-offer-email-updates/

    That is, of course, assuming that your blog is hosted here at wordpress.com. If it’s not, you’re in the wrong forum and those instructions won’t necessarily work. (Which is why teck07 asked for a link to your blog.)



    @discovernorthshore-And suggesting that someone send you their phone number is a bit creepy, but whatever.

    **I’ve marked this thread with modlook to request removing discovernorthshore’s email address.



    I doubt we will hear from the OP,
    there has been allot of abandon threads lately…


    I found a widget (or rather my daughter did) that puts the subscribe in my sidebar. I am at http://perpetualfeast.com



    Yes, thanks for the input on my error about adding my email address to the post. I wasn’t thinking about spam (can you tell I’m new to blogging?) I was merely trying to be helpful and sometimes it’s just WAY easier to have a conversation about something than waste time typing. Anyway, I’m glad you found the solution.



    p.s. I might recommend adding some categories to your blog to organize your many yummy recipes so they are easier to find and navigate through such as Main Dishes, Appetizers, etc. Congrats on your amazing weight loss success!

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