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Easier Way to Search Blogs

  1. This is just a suggestion. Please consider placing a search function similar to help viewers search specific blogs and topics. Most people have short attention spans and will not wade through tags, or bring up google to find stuff. They'll just quit and go somewhere more user friendly.

  2. Or at least a search for the tag system.

    Been mentioned before. I would suggest sending in a feedback from your dashboard adding in your weight to this suggestion once the feedback system comes back online.


  3. I responded here when this was last asked.

  4. A feedback will be met with a pointer to that thread I indicated above.

  5. But we like sending in feedbacks. :)

    Why not provide a search box linked to Google like I do with Gotta admit that I make a few pennies off of it every day as well.

  6. Because there are API limitations if nothing else. And Google indexes.. how often? We would just have complaints that info was too old.

    I get "I made a post and it's NOT IN GOOGLE ARE YOU BLOCKING ME?????????????????" type stuff. I get feedbacks where people are expecting their perfect result from 1 tag search 1 time. People's expectations are both high and completely off the wall.

    Google has tools, as do the other SE's.
    They search.
    We blog.

  7. I must say I like Dr. Mike's suggestion of providing a search box linked to google. And I see nothing wrong with being able to search AND blog on one site. Until this option is available, you'll keep getting posts like mine.

  8. I wrote a quick little PHP script to make this a bit easier.

    I'll take this down if the guys aren't cool with it.

  9. I agree, a search option on the WP home page is a great idea. It helps us support other WP bloggers when seeking specific information, rather than the randomness of Google :D Keep me posted!

  10. There definately needs to be a way to search for blogs within wordpress. Why can I search the faq, within the blogs themselves, but not ulfor/ul blogs?

  11. Searching one blog is easy. Searching 2 million blogs is hard. We'd like to offer a search feature eventually, but it'll take time to overcome the technical issues. We're blog experts, not search experts.

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