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Easily Distracted Irish Photographer

  1. Well then, I'm kind of depressed about how little feedback I'm getting through my blog. I'm putting my best efforts into making things simple and engaging to digest and enjoy and I'm really hoping to step up my output this year. Doing a good enough job so far but still waiting on my new camera to get working hardcore!

    Anyway if your into photographery that covers some street, some fashion, some over developed bodybuilders and some photojournalism I'd love it if you'd stop by and drop a comment my way!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You've got a good blog with some nice photos.

    Though as a suggestion for making it easier to navigate, maybe you should make have a list of categories in your sidebar. And so people can learn a bit about you, maybe you should fill out your about page

  3. Your defo right there! Im useless when it comes to making the theme work for me! I need a real header image and some other kind of....thing... :/

    Ill get cracking on it this weekend! Thanks for the feedback I really appreciate it!

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