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East Coast USA Heat Wave

  1. Did anyone's air conditioner fail over the past weekends heat wave? My son had a party on Saturday, and our AC was set to 76. Being 97 outside, which is odd for us, the best my AC could do is maintain 83 degrees. I could only imagine NOT having AC!

    Our County used to have an air conditioning program for seniors, which consisted of installing small room air conditioners in their homes, but the poor economy has all but wiped out funds for this program. I sure hope that everyone, especially seniors, are able to find a cool place to stay while the heat wave passes!

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  3. Im on the east coast and yes it has been insanely hot. Thankfully along with our a/c we have to window ac units.

  4. Yeah, hot here in New England, but the ACs cranked away. Unfortunately a good part of the weekend was outdoors, AND our car died... Love car problems.

  5. I had the exact same thing happen with my Central Air Unit. I live in Central US and the heat has been horrible. According to my Heating & Cooling repair man when the air conditioning are working that hard it is very common for the Capacitor to fail, which cost me $90.00 to replace. Good luck to you!!

  6. You want to swap? It's been raining all month, here in the UK.

  7. Works for me... I love the rain.

  8. I just had the AC fixed. It's been 87 degrees in our house for a month. I hate Coastal Georgia. Well, the beach is nice, on occasion, but I sure miss seasons.

  9. I haven't been bothered by this heat wave much at all and I hate the heat. Only bad time is eating lunch in my car. I could eat in the office cafeteria, but I'm afraid some bullies might come by and take my applesauce.

  10. Gotta say, it was pretty warn today, but it's such a nice evening right now. Very comfortable.

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