Easy duplication! (work on updates without going live)

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    Hi there,

    I am wanting to duplicate my current WordPress site so I can work on updating it in a second version, without effecting what is happening live in the first version.

    Is there a solution to be able to do this, that will also keep all of the back links, pixels and SEO we are currently using?

    Most other platforms I have used it is really simple, so I feel a bit stupid that I can’t figure this out!

    I really appreciate help.



    Hi there,

    You don’t own any sites on WordPress.com, and it looks like you created this account just to post in the forums, so I’m guessing you’re using the open source WordPress software at another hosting provider instead.

    Many hosting providers offer a staging site that you can use for working on stuff without it affecting the live site. That would probably be the simplest option, so please contact your hosting provider and ask about that.

    Else, there are many plugins available that allows to clone an entire site. The best place to search for and get recommendations on such plugins is over on WordPress.org. You should also be able to get advice there on how to deploy changes on your staging site to the live site without messing up your SEO, etc.

    You can find the self-hosted WordPress forums here:




    Hi again,

    Thanks so much for your quick reply!!

    I am updating a wordpress hosted website that my client owns – I don’t own it, but I am updating it for them, but didn’t want to use their details to contact wordpress.

    So does WordPress offer a staging site I can use once I’m signed in? Or only other hosting providers.

    I will look into the plugin option you suggested too.




    “WordPress” is just the name of the software you’re using. That software belongs to a non-profit foundation and is maintained by the community on WordPress.org. WordPress.org is not a company or a hosting provider.

    On WordPress.com, which is a hosting provider, we use our own modified version of that software with some restrictions, for example, we don’t offer FTP access so you cannot directly modify a site’s source files on WordPress.com as you would be able with the self-hosted version of WordPress. We don’t offer staging sites on WordPress.com.

    If the site is on WordPress.com, you won’t be able to do this, in other words.



    Ah ok, thanks for your help!! I really appreciate you taking time to help me with an answer!

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