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Easy Explanation of Blog Stats

  1. Hi...sorry if this is a silly question, but I just wanted to clear something up. On my blog stats, for the total this the total # of visitors, or does it add up each time someone clicks on a different page on my blog? For example, would it be 600 visitors or 600 times that people have clicked somewhere on my blog? Hope that makes sense and I appreciate your help!

  2. There is no "visitors" concept in stats. Views are just views.

  3. They're 'page' views where 'page' in this case can be looking at anything on your blog. One visitor could have done all 600 views. :)

  4. Has there been discussion among staff about expanding this in the future so that we can see visitor information as well? Information on unique and returning visitors is more helpful than page views in terms of determining reader response to posts.

  5. That's against Automattic's Privacy policy.

  6. So under "referrer", it will show where someone came from...ex: google...and it will say 12. Is that one person who clicked on stuff 12 times or 12 different people. Or do we know? THX!

  7. More likely than not, that's 12 seperate people.

  8. Thanks drmike!!

  9. Weird question. If someone only goes to the main page, how is that visit counted in the blog stats? Does that visit go towards one of the posts in the top posts section? Or does it only count as a visit? Are top posts generated solely based on clicks to the individual post?

    Seems like common sense, I know. I'm just checking. :)

  10. @praisingfool
    I believe this FAQs thread may contain some information you are looking for
    There are also other threads on Top Posts and Top Blogs in the forum search box. This is a link to what Andy (staff responsible for stats) has to say
    And as you're new to wordpress I'm thinking you could benefit from checking out the resources in this thread
    Happy blogging :)

  11. It's supposed to count as a view on the total number but, since they haven't clicked on a post, it doesn't show up as a post read count.

    That's one of the reasons why I always suggest putting youtube and the bulk of your post after the more tag. :)

  12. So why didn't any of those show up when I searched both the forums and the faqs for "blog stats"?

    I think WP hates me.

  13. Oh, and thanks drmike.

  14. I did what Dr Mike suggested, putting the YouTubes after a jump, and the clicks on those kinds of posts actually went down by 25-30%. It was on YouTube-specific posts only, and it was on all of them that I'd done that to. I started doing them the old way, with the video right in the post, and clicks went back up.

    When I go to a blog and it's got the More tag on most of the posts, I click away. I'm just too lazy. I don't mind scrolling down, but I do mind being milked for clicks.

  15. That's strange...

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