Easy management of multiple WordPress installs

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    I have a bunch of client sites that use WordPress and I’d like to keep them all updated and current. The problem is that they’re all on their own domain account. I host the domains on my server but I don’t see an easy way to update the individual sites without doing an install on each account. Is there a solution that anyone has seen that allows WordPress to operate kinda like blogger where are user might login to a central account area and then upload their posts to their own domain? I just need recommendations for managing multiple/many WP installs for clients. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.



    you need to be at http://www.wordpress.org to be asking this I’m afraid.

    The pink sticky at the top called “[closed] Please read me first before posting” will give you all the information about which forum you need to be in.

    EDIT: You might also want to look at mu.wordpress.org. It’s what’s running here at wp.com.

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