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Easy, tiger. This is a 404 page.

  1. I found the title of a strange post in my "Top Posts"

    Clicked on it and got this:

    Easy, tiger. This is a 404 page.
    You are totally in the wrong place.
    Do not pass GO; do not collect $200.
    Instead, hit that "back" button on your browser, and get it right next time, eh?

    What's happenting here?

  2. I can't say from my position, but I would suggest you send in a feedback to let the techies know. They are doing some changes in the back end and will hopefully be able to sort it out for you.

    What was the title of the post, btw? Did it have a number or something?

  3. title was 61

  4. This party has elected to delete his blog.

  5. Is "61" a code for "This party has elected to delete his blog." Would this occur if I deleted a previous post?

  6. G'morning
    I'm sorry I can't help you and no one else has come forward from the blogging community to assist. Please send in a feedback to have your issue dealt with by staff.

    Also note that when I click on your username ses21643 I get this message:

    This user has elected to delete their account and the content is no longer available.

    If you do have an active blog that you are referring to perhaps you would like to adjust your profile by editing it and inserting the website url.

  7. 61 is what you get when you delete a post. since the stat system still has to keep track of what's been looked at, that's what you get. it was your 61st post and that's the number it was assigned. you're seeing it since folks visited it before you deleted it.

    not much time today. please bare with me :)


  8. thanks timethief - changed my profile
    thanks drmike - makes sense now

  9. Apparently 61 is not what you get when you delete a post. (do not have that many)

    Support says error somewhere in system - still looking

  10. @ses21643
    GROAN you have my empathy and staff who have the *joy* of hunting this down have my sympathy ... how annoying.

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