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Easy Way to Bring Old Post/Thread to the Front Page

  1. Is there any easy way to bring an old post to the front page to re-focus reader on an old topic. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can always edit the timestamp so it appears to be new. You can use a Vigilance Alert Box if you're using the Vigilance theme. You can put a big, sexy announcement of it in a text widget at the top of your sidebar. Or you can set it as Sticky.

  3. How do you set the post as a 'Sticky'. Not sure what that means -- thanks.

  4. Go to Edit the post: on the right-hand side there is a sidebar with options, including Visibility. Click that and you'll see it.

  5. Thanks -- I found it. Would this be the simplest way to bring an post to the front page? Would I need to correct the post date and make it current, or will that automatically do that when I use the 'Sticky' option?

  6. No the date will no automatically cnaged simply because you made the post into a sticky post that's at the top of thr front page until you "un-sticky" it.

    The URL of the post contains the date so if it's already been indexed by Google and if it's already getting search engine traffic then changing that date will result in a broken URL (link) which will produce a "404" (Page not found) when potential readers find it in ths SERPS (search engine page results). That's why IMO it's not wise to change the date.

  7. Please excuse the typos in the 1st sentence above. I meant to type:
    "No the date will not automatically change ..."

  8. When I was on an absence, I used a sticky post to rotate and highlight one of my older posts each week. It's very simple to do with the sticky post. As tt said, do *not* change the dates of posts to make them current. It seriously screws up search engine listings.

    However, I wouldn't use more than one sticky at a time, especially if your posts tend to be longish (use the "more" tag if necessary). Unless you have very dedicated readers, you want your readers to have easy access to new material without scrolling too far down the page.

  9. Great thinking Jen. :)

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