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Easy way to get more space between paragraphs

  1. My theme won't give me much space between paragraphs. I'd put in extra spaces and they'd disappear. So I went looking in the forums and found lots of people have run into that problem. The suggestions for fixing it were mostly too technical for me (I guess -- anyway, when I tried them, nothing worked). But I came up with a simple, jury-rigged solution.

    After each paragraph, I put in a hard return, a period, and another hard return. Then, since the background color of my theme is white, I changed the color of the periods to white. Shazam! There was my clean space between paragraphs.

    I hope this idea may help someone else.


  2. Thank you, Timethief. Panos's approaches (which I didn't find in my initial searches)are much more flexible than my little idea, and his examples are so clear that even I can probably work with them!


  3. @Diane
    You're welcome. I used to do exactly what you suggested until I learned the other techniques. Happy blogging. :)

  4. Forgot to say -- I just bookmarked your site and his (Is Panos a man? Sounds like a masculine name), which if I check regularly should make me a better blogger.

  5. Thanks for bookmarking my site. It's always great to hear I have a new reader. Yes, the blogger we refer to as Panos is a male and I do recommend his blog to other bloggers. :)

  6. Here's how I fixed this. I wrote an article in Notepad.

    I switched off the word wrap, copy and pasted it into my wordpress post and the breaks were there.

    I tried
    , '
    ' (got two quotes), <p>, hit enter twice. Entered some code that someone made to make the enter button put in a break - none of that worked.

  7. Ah! Timethief- THANK YOU! This was driving me crazy until I found your post. (Couldn't even find help for it in the WordPress support pages.)

    Happier blogging. :)

  8. And now that I've looked at it, your blog,, is great. Love the circuity of it, and as a new blooger, it would seem to in demand! Cheers!

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