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Easy yes or no?

  1. Are you obsessed with checking your blog views?

    I am :P

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Same here. I use to be way paraniod about it, but now not so much. that and my comments really. But now no one really comments anymore. I am kinda bummed about that.

  3. Yes.

    I agree on the no comments issue though. Makes me sad. Makes me think my hits are just accidental google searches and no one is reading it, which a lot of them are.

  4. Nope...view is deceiving...however I do obsessed with comments.

    I know people who click my post from my FB is reading it but they hardly leave comment

  5. No people comment and I wish they would because that is the most accurate way to see who is reading and what they think.


  6. zǝɹnɐsʎןıן/ɯoɔ˙ɹǝʇʇıʍʇ//:dʇʇɥ

  7. I'm sot sure, I'm new here..

  8. I'm a stats whore. Had a record setting day for views the other day and was happier than a pig in shit.

  9. I'm brand new at blogging and I check my constantly.

  10. lookitsbray i feel the same way last saturday i got 200% my regular view count

  11. fantasticloser

    I'm not obsessed, I more so find it interesting and usually like to laugh at it. Like I think last week I had a series of days that went 2,4,3,4,2 and then shot up to an astounding 14 and then went back down to 3 the next day. But I didn't care about the low views because I got a comment. I'd take 1 comment over a 100 views.

  12. ****************Lets do A new Question******************

    Do you post more than 5 comments on different blogs daily?

    A: Sometimes

  13. A. Shitloads.

  14. Yeah...I refresh like every 10 minutes whenever I have time hahaha

  15. Addicted is such strong word. So id denial.

  16. *id=is

  17. 1personofdifference

    I've given up on being concerned as to whether people like myself or my blog.
    You speak your peace which I thought was what blogs and forums was all about and people throw bitc* fests and turn on you and attack your intelligence and call you nasty names.

    Makes one wonder sometimes.

  18. @1persondifference its just a yes or no question

  19. @christiangrblr The answer to the 2nd question: Yes! specially on Tuesday, I left comments on more than 10blogs

  20. marriedtemporale

    eh not really

  21. not any more :|

    atleast not that eager as i use to be when i started off

  22. yes

  23. Hello my name is Alexandra, and I'm a view-checking-aholic. It's as simpel as that.

  24. *everyone* hello Alexandra

  25. (sigh) It's been 5 minutes and 21 seconds since I've last checked my views. Progress! Okay who's proud of me?

  26. i used to check every chance i got. with the help of my boyfriend, i only check once in a while, when i have something to post. this is my first time on wordpress in the last few months.

  27. u r an insparation! (clapping)

  28. It's like View Checkers Anonymous! Well, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

    Hi! I'm Susan. I haven't checked my views in 2.5 minutes. But it hurts!

  29. First question - yeah i am a bit obsessed with views but more so comments i like to know that people are reading and liking my blogs and it gives me more of an idea which type of blog the readers like most so i can write up more of that type

    question 2 depends some days i give more than five some days less just depends what i am doing that day

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