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eBay Ads Covering Embedded YouTube Videos

  1. There are "Great Deals on eBay" advertisements appearing on embedded YouTube videos. They cannot be closed and they interfere with viewing. What are they?

    I checked the HTML code, and there's nothing there. I thought it might be YouTube, but they don't appear on the same embedded YouTube videos on a different website. Help?

    See here:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. thistimethisspace

    They are advertising that is trying out and I tagged this thread for a Staff follow-up. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.

    Got an email from support from Jackie [ Staff]. Email exact statement:

    The blue Ebay button is in fact a new ad we are testing out. We are still working out the kinks in terms of placement.

    That was my problem, the ad was so high up it was actually interfering with covering some of words up. I was very appreciative for the update from WordPress support. And for also finally fixing my forums account.

    There is no way to control what advertising appears on your blog, but you can purchase a No-Ads upgrade that's renewable annually and it removes all advertising from your blog. I did that for both of my blogs so there is nothing distasteful posted on them.

  3. Thanks for the reply.

    WordPress staff: This type of advertisement is unacceptable. It literally covers up content! The user can't exit it either. Flat awful. Ugh.

  4. thistimethisspace

    Not to worry as I'm pretty sure Staff will respond to your feedback. I suggest you take a screenshot, upload it to your Media Library, and return to this thread to provide the file name so Staff can examine it.

  5. To support the service (and keep free features free), we sometimes run advertisements.

    We try hard to only run them in limited places. If you would like to completely eliminate ads from appearing on your blog, we offer the No-Ads Upgrade:

  6. thistimethisspace

    The only reason I tagged this thread was this.

    They cannot be closed and they interfere with viewing.

  7. There is a substantial difference between "we're going to run ads in sensible places" and "we're going to run ads that interfere with the reader's ability to consume content...unless you want to pay us!"

    If this stays, I'm going to migrate to a different provider--one that also allows for ads in the ToS but has the good sense to put them in intelligent places.

    Seriously, this is stupid. Look at where the advertisements are placed! Ugly.

  8. thistimethisspace

    Buy the upgrade (she whispered) and gain control over what's displayed on your blog.

  9. Or, if you have a custom domain, apply for WordAds. I did and now there is only ONE ad on my blog at any given time, and it's free.

  10. Wow. :/ *subscribing to thread*

  11. dandelionsalad

    I had the understanding that the ads would not be visible to those of us logged into These huge blue banner ads on the videos are very visible, don't go away during the viewing of the video and if there are more than one video on the blog post, all the videos have this ad on them.

    My concern is that the placement of the ads within the blog post appears that I'm gaining from the ads.

  12. My concern is that the placement of the ads within the blog post appears that I'm gaining from the ads.

    This is a good point. I felt obligated to notify my students "it's me, it's not them, it's stupid, it sucks, and I will use a different site next semester if they don't change it."

  13. dandelionsalad

    This is ridiculous. Every new blog post with a video has the ads on them. What happened to "We try hard to only run them in limited places."? I have one blog post with 4 videos and every single one has an ad on it.

    Again, why are those of us logged into seeing these ads?

    Again, why are the ads within our blog posts? They used to be located at the bottom so not to appear to be from the individual blogger.

    If this continues, I may be posting far fewer videos and for my blog that will not work very well.

    Why run ads only on video posts?

  14. Yes, the new video ads are objectionable. As people have stated already:
    a) They cover up content
    b) They cannot be closed
    c) They can end up all over the page (I now have 15 e-bay ads on one page) and are viewable to logged-in readers, which goes against the stated policy ("We only run them in limited places, and we do not show ads to logged-in readers") (
    d) The placement (on top of the content) suggests the blog owner is profiting

    Though I can purchase a no-ads upgrade, it is on a per blog basis, so I would need to spend a couple of hundred dollars to take care of my personal and work-related (education) blogs.

  15. dandelionsalad

    Is this the best way to complain about these ads? Should I write to Support instead?

    Just looked through the last month and a half of blog posts with videos and found ads on 52 of them. This is not infrequent. Only a couple of posts with videos did not have the ads.

    Also checked some very old blog posts and they have ads on them, too.

  16. Hi dandelionsalad, I was also complaining in this thread and found today that the eBay ads on my site are gone (temporarily? permanently? regionally?). I just looked at your page (logged in and not logged in) and your ads seem to be gone as well. You said you just saw them, so maybe they are only appearing in certain regions (I am in Asia).

    In any case, it seems that wordpress staff are responding to the issues raised in this thread.

  17. dandelionsalad

    Thanks, longzijun. Unfortunately the ads are still there on most of the newer video blog posts.

    For example, this blog post has 2 videos and both have the ads on them.

  18. dandelionsalad

    I went to your blog and unfortunately I do see the ads on your posts, too.

  19. The ebay add on video's in my blog is:
    - really annoying
    - slowing down the loading of site and pages
    - causing problems with flash plugin Chrome and even crashes Chrome sometimes
    - causes problems when editing an older post with video's

  20. doc of Songbook votes NAY. I've got the ad "Get today's best eBay deals!" on apparently every embedded video, that's thousands by the way, on my site. Bad idea. Don't want it. Hate it.

  21. dandelionsalad

    Thank you, The videos no longer have these huge blue banner ads on them.

    Hope it stays this way.

    As the editor and blog owner of my blog, I'm responsible for the posts looking as good as possible for all my different writers. Having these huge ads right in the middle of the blog posts just didn't look right. It looked junky/tacky.

  22. The Ebay ads on video's in my blog do not appear on my newest posts but are still there on older posts.
    Please remove them on all WordPress blogs.

  23. Thanks to WordPress for having reason and sanity prevail in this one.

  24. We had already decided before this to get the no-ads upgrade anyway, because we didn't want anyone to see any ads on our posts ever, and when you have one blog it's a good price... but the blue ebay ad debacle has left a bad taste and actually almost changed our minds, LOL.

    You would think that thing could have been made any color or put anywhere when it was being tried. Big and neon and over content? *smh* Just sayin'.

    Really glad things look to have worked out for everybody.

  25. I just found this thread by Googling "why are eBay banner ads on YouTube videos." The blue banner ads that say "get today's best eBay deals" appear on YouTube videos recently embedded on my blog. Now I realize, the ad is also on past posts from 2012, 2011, etc. where they did not appear originally.

    I had assumed it was something YouTube was doing on embedded vids and not a WordPress ad. After reading the above comments, I'm confused. Is something WordPress is trying out on ALL blogs across the board with no opt out? I have "No Ads Upgrade." I am also in the WordAds program, which I thought consisted of three ads--at the top, the right column and a video footer. This is something different.

  26. @macmanx

    I read through this thread a second time and clicked on everyone's links. I do not see eBay banner ads on anyone's videos. Did WordPress specifically remove them from those individual's blogs? Because I still see them on vids embedded in my blog posts. Why? This is very confusing. You suggest that people get "No Ads Upgrade." I have had it for three years. Just to be clear, the eBay banner ad is not on the Word Ads YouTube vid at bottom of posts. This does not seem to be a Word Ads issue.

  27. These can still be part of the WordAds program, which is not affected by the No Ads upgrade. If you see them, it means you're making the same fair revenue share from them as the other ads.

    If you have any questions about that, please contact us separately via

  28. Oh my stars and garters. So that's where those horribly obstructive bright-blue-entire-top-half-of-YouTube-screen covering-you-couldn't -click-'em-off-and-would-end-up-whizzing-through-cyberspace eBay banner ads were coming from?!?


    I'm feeling quite faint now.

  29. @macmanx

    I did email a query to WordAds after posting here, since they're knowledgeable about ads. But I am surprised by your suggestion that the eBay ads are part of the WordAds program. That can't or shouldnt be true. There is no mention of such ads on the WordAds site. It says quite specifically on the FAQs:

    Q: What do the ads look like?

    A: WordAds currently has two placement options:

    My blog has the second one

    2) The Optimized Ad layout has what are called a ‘Leaderboard’ horizontal in the header, a ‘Skyscraper’ horizontal in one of the borders and a “Middle Rectangle” under the first post.

    There is no mention of WordAds placing ads on videos that a blogger embeds within posts. And, as I said before. the eBay ad is NOT on theWordAds "Middle Rectangle" below the first post, only on the vids that I posted.

    I really thought this was a YouTube thing until yesterday when I came across this thread. I couldn't be more shocked.

  30. I was totally confused about this ad issue. Those ads violated Google's/YouTube's advertising ToS (Terms of Service) in every possible way.

    After doing some sleuthing, my only guess was that eBay's ad department had tried to skinny past YouTube's rules for some nutty reason. (They may still be behind this nuttiness! I do not know!)

    When it went on for a number of weeks, I finally sent Google/YouTube a letter, with screenshots and a query, in regard to their advertising ToS and those dang ads.

    Here are the specific violations of Google's/YouTube's advertising TOS that I wanted to know about (and they are surprisingly strict!) in this case:

    One The eBay ads were completely opaque— YouTube doesn't allow ads that aren't in some way see-through.

    Two The eBay ads were not removable— YouTube insists that all banner ads be visibly removable.

    Three The eBay ads were in a physical place on the screen that YouTube doesn't allow for Banner Ads. Especially the opaque ones. That you cannot remove.

    Soon after I posted that letter, the ads disappeared. Could be coincidental. Could be that a bunch of people sent letters. Could be someone actually read it. I don't know.

    The only fact I know for sure is that I now have an irrational dislike of all things eBay and an unexplainable twitch in my eye when I see anything on the web tinted "Egyptian Blue."

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