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eBay Ads Covering Embedded YouTube Videos

  1. Definitely not WordAds as my blog does not participate in that program.

    Bluebirdblvd, thank you so much for going to Google/Youtube. That may indeed have had something to do with the removal of these ads.

  2. If you folks are still seeing the ads, please give me a direct link to the post or page showing it.

  3. @macmanx

    The banner ad "Get today's best eBay deals" now appears on all of my YouTube videos going back to 2010. Here is the link to the category of posts with videos.

    Can WordPress remove them? I am still confused because it seems like the people who posted earlier in this thread were successful at getting the ads removed. I don't see it when I click on their links.
    But a reply that I received today from WordPress support says

    I see that you are in the WordAds program, and we did briefly run an Ebay ad that had an issue. That ad has since been removed, which is part of what the thread you related to.

    If you have ads on a video you embedded in a post, is not placing that ad there. That is an ad placed by YouTube, and we have no control over that.

    Again, who is responsible for the ads -- WordPress or YouTube/Google
    In the meantime, I have stopped embedding YouTube videos on my blog.

  4. We had removed them from the general ads, but not the WordAds program.

    However, I don't see the blue eBay ads on your videos. I see the green share icon ad instead, which only appears if the mouse is hovered over the video.

    Would you please try clearing your browser's cache?

  5. @macmanx
    Thank you, I will try that. Maybe it's already gone? I just heard back from WordAds support with the answer: they have been testing the ad and its been paying well in tests. They will remove it from my site if I wish.

  6. @macmanx

    Here are two (of more) links that show the blue eBay ads on my blog

    The ads only show in the browsers:
    Internet Explorer 8 (XP)
    SRWare Iron

  7. groupieblog, I'm similarly not seeing it there, but please contact us via if you still are after clearing your browser's cache.

  8. A-yup. Right after I wrote my last comment, I went back to my blog to do some work, and those ads were back.


    I do nine posts a week on Bluebird Blvd— four are original content only, and five are music-based posts, combined with liner notes or tidbits or some interesting thing I found that goes well with the featured song/piece of the day.

    The eBay ads appear to be on all recent YouTube embeds from the last three months, possibly more. (Originally, those obstructive banners were on every single YouTube-based Bluebird Blvd. 5-Minute Dance Party from the beginning until now, as far as I could see and/or sample.)

    And, as I said— they went away and then they came back.

    Here are BB's 5-Minute Dance Parties from the last week with those WordAds:

    Bluebird Blvd.'s 5-Minute Dance Party [Can't Hold Us— Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (Featuring Ray Lewis)]

    Bluebird Blvd.'s 5-Minute Dance Party [Death Proof— Kate Nash]

    Bluebird Blvd.'s 5-Minute Dance Party [Blue Monday— DJ Zebra]

    Hear are samples from previous months:

    Early in March:

    Bluebird Blvd.'s 5-Minute Dance Party [Voodoo Child (Slight Return)— Another Rare Live Stevie Ray Vaughn Version]

    Early in February:

    Bluebird Blvd.'s 5-Minute Dance Party [Stephen Fry— How to Be Gorgeous]

    Lately I've cleared my cache on my browser several times a day, in fact everything on my browser— automatic passwords, forms, cookies— because I have been researching and reporting WP splogs that turn up on my blog.

    As for the ads, I have screenshots of each obnoxious banner on the links posted here.

    As you know, these ads completely violate YouTube's advertising ToS in three different but crucial ways.

    On a personal note— do you know I came really close to boycotting YouTube over these ads? Do you have any idea the depth of the bad feelings I have towards eBay right now? I am really, really unhappy about this turn of events initiated by WordAds.

  9. Please contact us via about that.

  10. Thanks, MacManx! I just sent a letter with much of the same info. to WordAds just now. The ads are still active. I appreciate all of your hard work, MM!

  11. the blue Ebay ads on my site are gone

    thanks MacManx and Jon from

  12. You're welcome!

  13. Um, the big blue banner ads are back on the videos again.

    What is going on, please?

  14. Please give me a link to a specific post or page where they are appearing.

  15. Even the older posts have ads on them. Here's one from Feb:

    One from Oct. 2012:

    I'm quite disappointed. As I said before, it's my job to make the posts look good, and these ads look tacky/junky.

  16. Ok, I'm not seeing those ads there.

    Please take a screenshot of what you see and upload it via Media -> Add New so I can take a look.

  17. Thanks for helping us out, macmanx.

    Here it is on my Flickr account:

    I've checked countless posts and the ads are on all the videos.

    The screenshot is from this post, the last video:

  18. Mine are are back too, I mean
    and more
    The ads only show in the browsers:
    Internet Explorer 8 (XP)
    SRWare Iron

    They were gone for a day,
    I thought Jon from wordads fixed it
    I'll write them again

  19. I'm still unsure why WordAds is involved as I am not signed up for that program.

    The browser I'm using is Firefox. Are only some browsers showing the ads?

  20. As a long-time reader of Dandelion Salad, I witnessed the arrival of the eBay banners earlier this April and was glad to see them disappear this week. Today, they returned. To weigh in, these banners are distracting, cheapen the appearance of the media and feel like an intrusive form of advertising. I, too, am grateful for whatever efforts are being made to resolve this. My blog has been unaffected, perhaps because my last video was in a 2010 post. If it's any help in untangling this issue, I use Firefox.

  21. Thanks so much for your unsolicited remarks, canarypapers.

    The ads are indeed intrusive as they do not go away while viewing the video(s). They are also within the blog post so it appears that I and other bloggers are benefiting from these ads.

    Again, hope to see them go away as soon as possible. Although the damage has already been done. This is not the way to receive new followers for one's blog.

  22. We're discussing this with the advertiser now to see if any changes can be made.

    Meanwhile, I'd just like to casually suggest that we do have a No Ads upgrade:

    Just $30/year and you'll never see an ad on your blog. :)

    Otherwise, we do need to run the ads to "pay the bills" and keep the blogs free, but I do agree that these ads could be a bit better.

  23. Are you saying that these ads will continue on ALL of our video posts?

    What happened to "occasionally" and only to those not logged into WordPress? These ads are on every post with a video, within our blog posts (intrusive) and are seen by logged in bloggers.

    I had no problems with your ads before and do appreciate the free hosting.

  24. Are you saying that these ads will continue on ALL of our video posts?

    No, I mean literally, "we're discussing this with the advertiser now to see if any changes can be made." So, no definitive answer yet. It sounds like the advertiser can make them dismissible though, so they'll function just like in-video ads from YouTube.

  25. Thanks for making that more clear.

    What about the other questions I raised?

  26. Now the blue Ebay ads are even bigger because they have a cross next to them so that you can click them away. I still don't agree. YouTube won't like it either. And there is no relation what so ever between the rock songs on my video's en Ebay. No one is gonna click the ad anyway.

  27. These ads are on every post with a video, within our blog posts (intrusive) and are seen by logged in bloggers.

    Generally, logged in viewers will not see the ads. However, bloggers in the WordAds program have the option to display ads to logged in viewers.

  28. @macmanx
    I have a No-Ads upgrade on both blogs. Will that prevent this advertising or not?

    If it won't then I will delete every embedded youtube on both blogs and provide only links.

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