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eBay Ads Covering Embedded YouTube Videos

  1. MM— I have some additional questions and no answers. I'm not getting a reply from WordAds from the email I sent yesterday. Is it okay if I send a private note to support about this? Because this new development is still a major problem on a couple of levels, and possibly a third one that didn't occur to me before today.

  2. I have a No-Ads upgrade on both blogs. Will that prevent this advertising or not?

    No Ads = No Ads. :) We'll never show ads on your blog if you have a No Ads upgrade.

    Is it okay if I send a private note to support about this?

    I'll see if i can track down your email thread and reply there.

  3. @macmanx
    Thanks for that reassurance.

  4. You're welcome!

  5. OK, so now the ads only appear to those who are not logged into WP. That's better, but the ads are still on the actual videos within the blog post, so it appears that the ads are from my blog.

    This won't work for me. I make up the posts for people to read/view whether or not they are logged into WP.

    Still very unhappy by this decision to put ads in the middle of our blog posts.

    I will post links to videos from now on.

  6. I sent a message to Mashable with the link of this topic, and asked them if it was an idea for an article.
    Maybe other people on this forum could tip other magazines, or find ways to get this into the news.
    Also writing to YouTube and Vimeo and others is good idea.

  7. Was wondering about the huge green "share" button below the huge blue banner ads, will those continue to show on the videos while viewing them?

  8. The sudden swamping of pages with opaque video-covering ads while at the same time pushing the no-ads upgrade reminds me a lot of Facebook's decision to push its paid notification services while at the same time using its Edgerank algorithm to reduce exposure on page subscriber's newsfeeds (i.e., 'we don't show people your posts unless you pay us').

    In both cases, we are seeing unpleasant changes that are:
    a) consistent with the terms of service ("reserves the right to display advertisements on your blog")
    b) inconsistent with stated policy and/or past practice (placing ads in "limited places")
    c) designed to bring in increased ad revenue
    d) also used to encourage users to purchase plans (e.g., Ad-free upgrade).

    I guess social media sites are now so desperate to increase revenue (well, they do have to start earning profits) that user satisfaction is becoming less important. However, I hope this WordPress foray into a Facebook-style "'so-what-just-read-the-terms-of service-and-accept-it-or-pay-up" customer service model is just a temporary blip.

  9. Was wondering about the huge green "share" button below the huge blue banner ads, will those continue to show on the videos while viewing them?

    That particular green button only appears if you hover your mouse of the video, and it disappears if you move your mouse away.

    Similarly, the blue ads (if visible) can be clicked to dismiss.

    I understand that the ads can be an intrusion, and I do apologize, but we do primarily provide a free service with a lot of overhead costs (hardware, bandwidth, personel, etc), and we have to pay the bills somehow. Sometimes, that means more ads, which is why we have reserved the right to display advertisements in our terms of service.

    With that said, no ad contract is a done deal, and we're constantly weighing advertising partners based on feedback like this.

    Again, I don't want you to feel like we're upselling you. You're definitely welcome to keep your blogs here free of charge, but we do need to run ads to make up for those costs. If you really aren't a fan of ads, I strongly recommend the No Ads upgrade. Just $30/year, and you'll never have to worry about ads again.

  10. lesbianoutsider

    Well, the ugly intrusive Ebay ads are now all over my Youtube inserts and it does indeed look like I'm hawking Ebay to my readers.

    To expect bloggers to pay for No Ads at the rate WordPress is charging is ridiculous. I'm already paying a couple hundred bucks for add-ons. It's getting to the point where it makes economic sense to look for another hosting site, one that doesn't mess with my blog without even a heads up.

    You're starting to take your bloggers for granted, WordPress.

  11. lesbianoutsider, I noticed that you're paying for Domain Mapping, VideoPress, and 25 GB of space, totaling $123.

    Since you've only used 100 MB of space so far, may I recommend the Premium Bundle the next time your upgrades come up for renewal? It's only $99 and includes what you have plus No Ads and Custom Design.

  12. Why do these ads have to appear on our older blog posts? There is no way I can edit 10,000 blog posts.

    Why is it that the ads appear on every video? That is not infrequent.

  13. Another question for you. Do the people who have made the videos know about these ads being placed on their videos? In other words, is Youtube letting its video uploaders know that ads are being placed on their videos when embedded on blogs?

  14. The ads are provided by which has a particular relationship with YouTube to place the ads, and such relationships are covered under YouTube's terms of service.

    As for us, to support the service (and keep free features free), we sometimes run advertisements, and the agreement for this has been in our terms of service since 2006.

    If you would like to completely eliminate ads from appearing on your blog, we offer the No-Ads Upgrade:

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