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Economics Thinking for These Difficult Times

  1. notayesmanseconomics

    Hi to all readers

    I started my blog because I studied as a Monetary Economist and then worked in investment banking for many years. So I have a lot of knowledge and experience of the issues that are being raised in the current crisis. I feel that there are many examples of illogical thinking and bad policy going on. So I decided to put my side of the argument!

    Please feel free to take a look and ask questions if you want and I hope that it makes you think a bit. More than I want people to agree with me I want them to think....

    As an aside who would have thought that Greece would have taken up so many posts? Life is full of surprises.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. notayesmanseconomics

    Thank you to anyone who has visited my blog this week. As it is a specialist one I wondered how many views I would get over time. On Tuesday I got more in one day that I had previously got in a week. So good news and thanks again.

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