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    I just know that eventually the “lost draft” issue will catch me. “Copy to clipboard” is ingrained in me and so I do it all the time, but… something will happen.

    And having my posts stored here on my computer is just as important to me.

    I’ve been using MacJournal since I have it, but it’s not all that great for blogging.

    Through the Support pages, I see that WP recommends Ecto and MarsEdit (and Blogo, though that seemingly no longer exists) for Macs, and I’ve been previewing them. (Posts I’ve found in the forums have been old ones.)

    So far, so good, and I like that I was able to sync my prior posts and pages.

    Ecto doesn’t sync all my pages, many haven’t downloaded and I can’t figure out why, but not a crisis. I do like that it knows that I’ve added the “more” tag to already synced posts, and asks me about it.

    The whole image thing is funky with both of them, but it doesn’t bother me – I’d more likely copy/paste and import the images directly, anyway.

    Those who use either of these programs – any suggestions or issues you’ve come across? Did you use one and switch to the other, and if so, why?

    MarsEdit forums seem to get quick responses. I can’t contact Ecto without purchasing – are they good about updates for OS changes, etc? Are they responsive?

    Anything else I should pay attention to, with either of them?

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,
    I believe that thesacredpath can answer your questions about Ecto. He’ll be along sometime to today and will comment here.


    Thank you, timethief! :-)


    Anyone use Ecto or MarsEdit?

    (I know of the workaround to use Windows Live Writer and don’t want to go that route.)


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