Ecto won’t post for me

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    I am using Ecto for Mac, or rather I am trying, for I can’t get it to publish. I get a message “Method “metaWeblog.newPost” produced a server error: “Sorry, you can not post on this weblog or category.”.”

    This happens whether I am posting an image or just text.



    WARNING – this site is not work safe! I reported it.



    The author beat you to that :)



    Thanks for letting me know, TT. Actually that one wasn’t bad. It’s just when I pull up a site and it’s 800 x 1200 pictures that security comes running. :)

    I don’t use Echo so I really can’t help on this one. Only thing that comes to mind is checking the settings and making sure that they’re pointed at your blog. Also make sure that you have the blog id number in there. Echo should be able to pull that for you automatically. (Blogdesk does.)

    Sorry can’t help more. We’ve discussed Ecto in the past. Maybe a search for it might help.

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