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    Hi.. I am using Ecto to edit my blog posts. It saves me a lot of grief trying to master the html (which, being a systms analyst.. I *should*, but I don’t blog with any shoulds!)
    HERE’S my problem/challenge… ECTO (vers 2.4.2) allows me to create & select tags as part of the editing process. However, these ‘tags’ don’t show up in the WP tag area, they show up as TEXT within my post — right justified, small font “Technorati tags: xxxx, yyyy, zzz” I don’t want them there.

    THEN when I go into WP editor to insert tags.. then I lose ALL my lovely formating (line breaks, etc.) within my post.

    Any hope? Any help?

    The only solution I’ve come up with is to create a bare minimum post inserting the tags direclty from WP editor; then immediately post the Updated edit from Ecto with the full text…
    ((rrrr workarounds!!))



    well, i was going to send you to the Ecto support forum, but i see you’ve already been there. Any Ecto users have an idea?


    I use ecto with mistylook ( ) and they show up in the footer area of the post under “Tagged”. Since I’m not experiencing this problem, using ecto and mistylook I’m not sure what to suggest.

    In my setup, under weblog > edit templates and under the tags sub tab, mine is set up as technorati tags with “,” as separator and “put tags in: body, but when I switch to html view, they are not in the body between the technorati start and end tags, anywhere. In other words, they are not in the body.

    Using the wordpress tinymce editor in Firefox and the ecto editor on the same post never strips any formatting for me. I can move back and forth without a problem.



    Format stripping – Maybe that’s a Safari browser (beta) problem..?

    Under weblog > edit templates, tags tab I also have this in the entry box there “<p style=”text-align:right;font-size:10px;”>Technorati Tags: $tags$</p>”. Do you have that? Maybe I can just remove that.. I think so.. What do you think!?

    Also: “Put tags in” “Body” is selected.


    Ahhh yes. It’s not actually Safari, it’s the fact that TinyMCE (the editor wordpress uses) is still not compatible with Safari. On the TinyMCE website, they still list Safari compatibility as “experimental.” If you use Firefox, the wordpress editor will not strip the formatting.



    Okay here is TAG resolution!:
    1) I removed that coding from the entry box. 2) I changed “Put tags in” from Body to Keywords.

    Thanks for getting me started with ideas how to experiment!!


    Hmmm, maybe I should do that as well. Perhaps I’ve just been lucky (software and computers seem to like me :) ). You’re welcome as always.

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