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    I like the Edin menu option, but I don’t like how the entire screen fills up with the solid color and the menu is only on top. Is there a way to make it so that when you click the Menu option, you see the only the menu on top, but then can see the rest of the website below it? (as opposed to seeing a large blue screen)

    The blog I need help with is circlecommerce.wordpress.com.


    Hi, give the following a try. Originally the navigation wrapper height was set to 100%.

    .navigation-wrapper {
        height: 18%;


    That worked great, thanks so much. However, when I look at it on my Macbook Pro (13 inch screen), it gets cut off, I guess because the dimensions are different? Is there a way to keep the height at 20% for some screen dimensions, but move it to 30% for others?


    I would suggest changing the height in the above to 25% which seems to be enough and seems to work well all the way down to phone sizes.

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