Edin theme – CSS to make Headers be bold?

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    I have just purchased the upgrade that allows me to customize the fonts, etc. I have changed my headings font to “Source Sans Pro.” I see that now my h elements are no longer bold.
    Can I use CSS to have them appear bold? Would I need code to change each type of header or would something like this work?

    `h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 {
    } `

    thanks for your help.
    p.s. I tried to find this topic in the forums but search wasn’t very useful.

    The blog I need help with is familyfaithcompanion.org.


    Hi there, when you switch to a custom font, in many cases there are additional weights that are available for that font, so the original weight is disabled. Go to Customize > Fonts, and under Headings, click the button on the left that now says “Regular” and then select a different font weight. You can check the Semibold and Bold to see which one you like better.


    Thanks thesacredpath. That was right in front of my face and I didn’t see it! Off to hunt for the answer to my next question.


    That was right in front of my face and I didn’t see it!

    Happens to all of us. I lose my glasses all the time and they are right where I’m looking. Perhaps I need glasses to find my glasses. :)

    You are, of course, welcome, and let me know if you have further questions. Just as a side note, not all custom fonts have all of the styles. Some may have only one or two, and some may not have any. Also, if you use the same font for headings and base, you will see that the base will be missing some of the styles available for headings. That is because in some instances, something like bold on certain fonts at base sizes makes the text very hard to read.


    Well actually I do have more questions. Do people looking for help typically just go ahead and post their question OR are we expected to search through the old stuff looking to see if our answer is already out there?


    More questions: (Not sure if it’s okay to tack them on here?)

    • I have learned (thru reading old forum posts) that I should really be using a browser safe font. (I was trying to pick based on looks alone. I have a lot to learn.)
      I’m assuming that folks use more than one font – since the option is there – Is there any resource on pairing of fonts? (What looks good together.)
    • If I enter a custom font then how does it choose what to use if it can’t find that font? (i.e.

      style=”font-family:’museo-sans-1′, ‘museo-sans-2’, sans-serif;”

    • What would I use to change the menu font?
    • How about the font in the side bar?

    I hope this was okay to ask multiple questions.


    There is a plethora of information here in previous forum threads, but sometimes it is a bit hard to find by searching, so if you try a search or two and nothing seems to be coming up, feel free to post here in the forums.

    At Customize > Fonts you can set two custom fonts. If you first select a heading font, what will appear in the base font dropdown will be fonts that pair well with that heading font. If you choose a base font first, the heading font selection will be fonts that will work well with that base font.

    You can not set more than those two custom fonts. In general, most theme designers and graphic designers will typically try and keep things to two fonts on a web page or in print documents as it keeps things more readable. If you have a lot of fonts, each time your eye moves to text with a different font, your brain/eye has to make an adjustment for that font, so the more fonts you have, the more likely reader fatigue will set in.

    In general, the menu font will be whatever you set as a base font at Customize > Fonts although if I remember right, there are a few themes where the menu font will take the heading font.

    On the sidebar items, they will take on the base and heading fonts as well. Generally heading for the widget titles and base for the widget content.

    I’ll let you take in what I have above and then if you have additional questions, we can go from there.

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