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    I would like to report a bug where the alignment of the blog title is messed up when previewing the new Edin theme (http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/edin/) or using the Customizer for the the new Edin theme in Firefox 31 on Windows 7.



    Thank you,
    -John Jr

    The blog I need help with is johnjronline.wordpress.com.


    Hi there!

    Thanks for this report! I also see this when I’m using the Edin theme. I’ve reported it to the theme developers.

    I’ll let you know when I hear back!



    Hello Shawnajroberts,

    You are welcome, and thank you. :)

    -John Jr


    Hi there!

    I just wanted to let you know that our developers have fixed this problem now.

    Let me know if I can help with anything else. :)



    Hello Shawnajroberts,

    Great, and thank you for letting me know. :)

    There are some other bugs/annoyances that I reported in the past that still have not been fixed yet (and some that I have not reported yet until those are fixed to avoid over-loading the developers among other reasons), and I justed wanted to remind the developers about those bugs/annoyances; but I do not want to over-load you/this topic because the list may become too long if I start sharing it, but I will share only a few of them. :D

    1. I will share my latest bug though because at this time you can still see the bug live/in real-time if viewed soon enough before the list changes:


    2. Also there is the Gravatar Profile Widget bug that you can still see live on/in my sidebar:


    3. The Posts I Like Widget bug(s) still have not been fixed yet so posts that do not have an image and/or featured image do not show up in the list when you like them it seems:


    4. Has the Top Clicks Widget bug been fixed yet?


    I do have some questions/suggestions for the Edin theme though:

    A. Are there any plans on adding timestamps (direct and/over indirect by way of hover text) for posts?

    Comments have timestamps, but posts do not have them for some reason.

    B. Are there any plans on adding a Blog Tagline Option for those of us who want to show our Blog Tagline?

    C. Are there any plans on adding the word/text Search directly and/or indirectly by hover text to the Search Button so that people will know what that button is for?

    The Menu Button has this, but for some reason the Search Button does not; and so people will not know what this button is for unless they already know what that icon means/represents (not everyone knows what each icon is supposed to represent) and/or unless they click it to see what it does.

    D. Are there any plans on adding the meta data(?) for Author(s) for posts on the Home Page?

    All of the other meta data shows on the Home Page for posts except for the meta data for Author(s) which shows who the author(s) of the post is.

    I will stop there for now. :D

    Thank you,
    -John Jr



    1 – It looks like Jeremey picked that up. I see his update on the ticket with the developers.

    2 & 3 – It looks like we’ve had only a couple of reports of these and the developers haven’t commented on the issues yet.

    On all three of these, I can see that the HE involved will get notified as soon as a developer starts working on the issue, so I’ll let them notify you when something changes. Of course, feel free to ping us again if you haven’t hear back in a while, we can give the developers another nudge. :)

    4 – This one seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle. I’ve pinged one of the developers about it.

    As for your Edin questions, as far as I know none of these things are planned to be added. Their exclusion is part of the design of the theme. But here are my specific findings:

    A. I’m guessing you mean specifically time stamps, rather than just date stamps, which I do see. The data is there, but the display is excluded, so this is part of the design. I don’t see any way to change this on the user side.

    B. The tagline can be displayed using Custom CSS:

    .site-description {
    	display: block;

    C. I couldn’t get it to look exactly the same, I think because the menu icon is set up with the “button” tag while the search icon is set up with the “a” tag , but here’s something similar you could add using Custom CSS:

    #site-search:after {
    	content: "Search";
    	margin-left: 8px;
    /*For browser/screen widths less than 768px*/
    @media screen and (max-width: 768px) {
    	#site-search:after {

    D. This can again be done with Custom CSS:

    .byline {
    	display: inline;

    I know those probably weren’t exactly the answers you were hoping for. But I hope they help! Let me know if you have any other bugs to pass on or questions about our themes :)

    We’re always submitting bugs, so feel free to give us any that you’ve found. Since we prioritize bug reports based on number of users affected as well as severity of the bug, your reports may be the extra push the report needs to get dealt with.



    Hello Shawnajroberts,

    1. Yep, he got it a few hours after I commented on this topic, thank you. ;)

    2 – 3. Okay, thank you.

    4. Okay, thank you.

    A. Yeah, time as in 12:00AM or 12:00PM et cetera, okay; thank you.

    B – D. I do not have the Custom Design Upgrade, but thank you for sharing that.

    I can not think of/remember some of the bugs that I have not reported at this time, but there are a variety of bugs/annoyances that I have reported that have not been fixed yet; but many of them are hidden among the various pages of topics that I have commented on that are listed on my Profile here at the forums, and I currently do not feel like digging through the pages and making a long list a this time. :D

    *Warning Jibber Jabber alert below, I apologize in advance :D *

    Instead of making another long list I will just mention one bug/annoyance that is one of the bugs/annoyances that annoys/bothers me the most that I have reported for several newer themes, and more and more newer themes are being made with this same bug/annoyance that I guess you could call: The Incorrect And Very Small Not Very Readable Font In The Visual Editor Bug/Annoyance.

    This bug/annoyance shows the wrong/incorrect font (that does not match the font of the theme) in the visual editor and the font is very small and not very readable (it is so hard to read and hard on my eyes that I have to use the zoom feature, which I never have to use anywhere else on the internet, and this still does not help with the fact that this font is not very readable so I still make more mistakes than normal and it makes my eyes sore), and this is a problem on certain newer themes; and the list of themes with this problem keeps growing as certain new themes are still being made with this bug/annoyance:



    That is just two of the themes with this bug/annoyance, there are more, and the number keeps growing; and there are currently no plans on fixing this at this time from what I was told last time, but I just want to remind the developers about this and to remind them how much this annoys/bothers me and that this prevents me from using a variety of newer themes unfortunately.

    Another bug/annoyance where there are currently no plans on fixing/changing at this time is the bug/annoyance where certain themes new and old are being made where they can not properly resize images added from links/hot-linked (images not added to the Media Library, like when you use Zemanta and/or manually link images from Wikimedia Commons/Wikipedia/Wikia/Flickr/et cetera) so those images can show too wide or too narrow sometimes even glitching across the sidebar and the entire theme, and the responsiveness of those themes does not work properly with linked/hot-linked images:


    I just want to once again recommend that developers change this and/or avoid this on future themes (I think some newer themes are still being made with this bug/annoyance, but I could be wrong).

    Anyway, I could go on all-day, so I better stop there; but I will try to encourage myself to continue to share bugs/annoyances as I find them so that I will not forget them from not recording/sharing them as I find them.

    Thank you for your time, and I apologize for being so annoying; unfixed bugs/annoyances annoy me, but I do like seeing them fixed and/or avoided in the future. ;)

    Have a good day,
    -John Jr


    And another update for you before I read through the rest of your response. #4 is now fixed. :)



    Hello Shawnajroberts,

    Great, thank you for the update for #4. :)


    :) Now, in response to your other tickets. It looks like the other Happiness Engineers have responded pretty clearly on all topics.

    I understand that it’s frustrating to hear that some annoyances with our system are not high priority.. But I hope you’ll see with the two fixes we’ve addressed quickly through this thread that we are listening to your reports. We see and pass on all of these bugs and annoyances. However, many of these things are edge cases in our system, so they’re not a high priority to get fixed.

    I can assure you, outside of the issues we’ve told you we don’t plan to fix, the tickets are still active in our system. And if we ever have some dev free time, or time for a quick project sprint like we do sometimes at our meetups, we may end up implementing fixes for some of the items you’ve reported.

    Like Sheri explained, we have to balance how much time we devote to edge cases with good alternatives versus bugs that affect a wide array of users or creating brand new tools.

    On the topic of the font size in the editor though, it looks like the font size in the homepage editor is sightly larger than the dashboard editor. Have you tried that out? I know it doesn’t implement the theme’s specific fonts the way you’d really like, but it may work better for you than the dashboard editor.



    Hello Shawnajroberts,

    Okay, thank you for taking the time to respond.

    Is the Homepage Editor located here: https://wordpress.com/post/ ?

    If so I have never used that to make a post, but I will try to remember to try it/test it when I am using a theme that has that font bug/annoyance; thank you.

    Thank you again for taking the time to respond, and since the original bug for this topic is fixed now I will mark this topic as resolved. :)

    Have a good day and keep up the good work,
    -John Jr


    Yep! That’s the one! Sorry, I forgot to include a link.

    Let me know if you find any other bugs in the future! :)



    Hello Shawnajroberts,

    Okay, good, thank you for answering that. ;)

    You have made this a positive experience for me, thank you, and so I do feel like reporting more bugs/annoyances/suggestions in the future as I find them/think of them thanks to you (often I feel uninspired/discouraged/whatever when it comes to reporting these things, and positive experiences like this help inspire/encourage me).

    I wish there were polls or something after finishing a topic where we could rate the service/customer service because you and some of the other staff members do a good job, and deserve to be recognized and rewarded for that. :)

    Thank you,
    -John Jr


    Thanks so much, John Jr. That means a lot to me. :)

    I’m so glad you’re feeling inspired to continue reporting things to us. We really value your reports and participation both here in the forums and in the theme beta testing group.

    Happy blogging. :)



    You are welcome Shawnajroberts. :)

    Thank you, and I hope that they start letting me beta test some themes in the future one day. ;)



    Hello Shawnajroberts,

    I have a question about the Edin theme, I noticed that the Reblog Button does not show on the Home Page for Posts (next to the Like Button), but it shows when you are on a Post (next to the Like Button).

    Was it designed like that or is that/this a mistake?

    Thank you,
    -John Jr


    Hi John Jr!

    Thanks for checking in. As far as I’ve seen, none of our themes show the reblog button on the recent posts page. This is only displayed on single post pages.

    It does seem strange to leave it out when users get to enable or disable the rest of the sharing buttons though, so I’ll check in with the developers about this. There may be some sort of code reason that it’s set up like this.

    I’ll let you know what I find out. :)



    Hello Shawnajroberts,

    Thank you. :)

    -John Jr



    I’d like to report a bug/issue
    The theme shows a ‘menu’ button next to the ‘search’ button.
    Ticking the “Header: show search form” box displays the ‘search’ button but there doesn’t seem to be a way of making the ‘menu’ button appear next to the ‘search’ button. I had presumed that the option “Front page: Featured page 1” etc would make that appear but it does nothing.
    It’s a brilliant theme but I need a menu



    Does anybody knows how this carousel was done?

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