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    I am using Edin theme, and I really like it – it has several very interesting features.

    But I want to change one thing. I want to put text on the home page under the main graphic but before the three featured pages. I have the design upgrade so I can use CSS.

    At present, any text in the text editor appears over the top of the main graphic, which isn’t suitable for me. So I have made up a graphic that is half photo (top) and white space at the bottom, then put the text in a div and used CSS to move the text into the white space area.

    It sort of works, but the spacing is very volatile – it is very, very hard to work out how Edin will size the graphic and space the text, and small changes to margins can sometimes have unexpected outcomes.

    Is there anyone here who understands how Edin does this, that can explain it to me please, so I can choose the right margins and paddings to get it right?


    The blog I need help with is unboundedchurch.com.


    Hi Martin,

    Instead of moving the text that sits over the image, you could instead use the CSS ‘content’ property to add text right where you’re wanting it to appear.

    Here’s the code you could add if you’d like to try it:

    #quaternary:before {
        max-width: 1150px;
        padding: 0 30px;
        display: block;
        margin: 0 auto 50px auto;
        content: 'Put your text here.';

    You can also add this to hide the text that appears over the main image:

    .hero.with-featured-image .hentry {
        visibility: hidden;

    If that won’t work for your needs, you might consider trying a different theme. Both the Dara theme and the Karuna theme offer a built-in place to display page content below their large image areas, so they might work better for this purpose.


    Hi, thanks for that prompt and helpful advice – you really are a “happiness engineer” because you have made me happy! :)

    That looks like exactly what I need. I am reasonably proficient with CSS and can amend most parts of the theme I choose, but some of these things (like using before and after, and understanding exactly what someone else has coded) I struggle with. I’ll give it a go today.

    I looked at a lot of themes, including Karuna and Dara, both of which I really liked, but I thought Edin had some extra features I liked. But I’ll look at them again.

    Thanks again, I’ll get back to you in a couple of days with the outcome.


    Quick answer.

    That was perfect thanks! I simply didn’t know about the ‘content’ property nor the “quaternary”, “quinary”, etc id’s. I’m going to have to read up on them, and learn something useful. Thanks heaps.


    Hi Martin,

    I’m glad that worked out for you!

    You might like this article on finding CSS selectors if you haven’t already read it.

    If you need anything else, feel free to start a new thread. I’ll mark this one as resolved.

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