Edin Theme – Social Links Menu has disappeared

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    I was working on the Edin Theme for a friend and the Menu had choices of Primary, Second Footer, Secondary, and Social Links Menus.

    When I clicked on Social Links it took me to a pre-formatted set of Social Link part URLS which is handy.

    However upon checking this function by starting a brand new blog with the Edin theme, while writing some notes for my friend on how to use Edin, to my astonishment only Primary Menu appears !

    Am I doing something wrong or daft? Is there a particular way of getting to the Social Links Menu using the Edin Theme that I have missed??

    Please help! Thank you very much.



    Is your friend’s site hosted here on WordPress.com? Please provide a link to your friend’s site so I can take a look directly.

    If the site is self-hosted, they’ll need the Jetpack plugin for the social menu functionality.

    These forums are for sites hosted on WordPress.com. If your friend is running the WordPress software on their own hosting and needs further help, feel free to post in Edin’s forum at WordPress.org:


    You’ll need a free WordPress.org account to post – if you don’t already have one, you can register here:


    Be sure to provide a link to your site when you post so people can help you more easily.



    It is the free WordPress.com platform with the Personal Plan hosted on WordPress.com. They have paid for their own Domain name hence the org in their URL.

    I don’t understand how Social Menus work in terms of the official WordPress.com site stating Edin Theme and others have a Social Media Menu one can edit — but does that just mean a Social Media Location rather than the Menu?

    Thank you




    Hi there – there are several menu locations in Edin. On the Edin demo, the social icons menu is in the Footer menu location.

    On your friend’s site, you’ve assigned your main menu to both the Primary and Footer menu locations, but if you prefer to have the social icons at the bottom, you can uncheck the “Footer” box when editing your main menu, and check “Footer” when editing your social menu here:


    You’ll also want to edit the current generic social links so they point to the group’s actual social profiles rather than the generic placeholders.

    Let me know how it goes.



    Thank you Kathryn, my confusion and question was about how Menus and Menu Locations work in general, as I thought that some Themes came with Social Media links already built in or with the URLs partially set. The official WP press mentions existing Social Media Menus but they mean the Menu Locations. I wrote to WP.com and will share their information here, for other Bloggers with similiar questions to me.

    My questions are in bold, and WP’s answers are in quotes.

    Me: Your official support page https://en.support.wordpress.com/menus/social-links-menu/ has ‘If your theme already has a social links menu, you can click on it to begin editing’ does this mean a Theme has got an in-built Social Links Menu with partial URLS for Facebook, Twitter etc?

    This means that you can create a Menu and put in your Social Links in order for Social Icons show up on your site and link to your Social media profiles.

    You can set it up by following the above support article you have linked.

    I am helping Recovery Rocks with setting up their site and on another blog which I’m using the Edin Theme with, I see in the Menus area – Primary Footer, Second Footer, Secondary Footer and Social Links – i.e. 4 menus but only Primary was in the RR site so I myself added Social. My question is when you say some Themes have Social Menus, do you mean Social Menu Locations? Do you mean a Menu MUST be created called Social or starting with Social for ALL themes?

    Yes, we mean that a theme has a Social Menu Location. If it does not have one, you can definitely add the links to any other menu, if you wish.
    However, some themes have specifically setup Social Menu Locations.

    Menus are confusing. I thought with my test site running Edin maybe when it was first set up with another Theme, the Menus set up carried over. So another question please, if one has set up Menus and one changes the Theme, do the Menus carry over to the next Theme or does the new Theme re-set all the Menus to the defaults for the new Menu.

    When you setup themes, most of the things are carried over, but Menus, CSS and Widgets would have to be setup again, as they differ from theme to theme. Please have a look at this support article with a short video guide to learn more about theme switching – https://en.support.wordpress.com/themes/#switch-themes



    Menus are indeed confusing. If you need further help, just let me know.

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