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edit article/add new buttons missing

  1. johnnathanielfernando

    i imported posts from my other blog to my current blog last night and somehow this morning, my "edit article" and "add new" buttons on top are missing, plus the "edit this article" link on each post is missing too. what happened? will is ever come back to normal or did i do something wrong?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have the Matala theme up on my test blog and the "edit" links (Admin controls) are not at the top of the posts. Scroll down and locate the red "edit" link at the end of the post.
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  3. johnnathanielfernando

    that's the thing: it's gone too!i mean i can manually edit the article through the dashboard, but it's easier on an entire level to have that edit link/button/thing around the post.did i do anything wrong because seriously it was right there last night. is there like a limit because i had to edit the articles i imported and im still not done actually that's why i'm looking for that button because it will make the job of editing 39 articles easier.

  4. johnnathanielfernando

    oh i meant 33 articles

  5. As I have stated I can see them so if you can't then the issue is on your end. Which browser and version of it are you using?
    Have you tried these troubleshooting tips?
    If your browser version is outdated place upgrade it here

  6. johnnathanielfernando

    i'm using chrome. okay i guess i'll try upgrading and restarting my browser. i'll be bakc. and thanks a lot timethief!i hope this solves it. i'll let you know.

  7. johnnathanielfernando

    it worked! thanks so much!

  8. You're welcome and best wishes. I would switch to Firefox as it works very well with WordPress and I never experience these issues using it at all.

  9. johnnathanielfernando

    yeah i used to use it and just decided to try chrome out. maybe i'll try opera next or something. anyways thanks so much!

  10. You're welcome. :)

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