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    is it by any chance possible to edit the look of the ‘follow’ botton that is part of the “follow blog” widget? (this would be for the blogum theme)

    other themes have slightly different looking buttons so we were wondering if one can copy those over to the blogum theme with css?


    The blog I need help with is hovercraftdoggy.com.


    I noticed you mentioned Blogum, but the site linked in your help request is using The Columnist. It helps very much to look at a specific example, and I found an example here:

    Here is how you can target the “Follow us” button on posts in The Columnist Theme in your blog:

    #subscribe-blog input[type="submit"] {
    	background: red;

    Then you can add CSS rules into that block as needed.

    If you’re looking to customize that same button for Blogum instead, the same CSS will probably work because I used “#subscribe-blog” which is specific to the form and not actually dependent on the theme’s structure. However, if you run into trouble targeting the button on Blogum, just post an example link and details about what you’ve tried already.


    thank you very much for your answer… we changed theme since posting the question.

    We will try your css code and play around a little bit .. thank you!! :)

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