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Edit colors in theme

  1. Hi, I want to edit the titles in my blog, so they are green like my header.

    You can se the blog here:

    Where to I do that in my CSS-file?

  2. You cannot edit your blog to change these titles without the purchase of a css customization upgrade and the ability and experience to edit the css on your own. Do you have experience with css and have you purchased the upgrade?

  3. Yes, I know a little bit about CSS. And yes, I have purchased for it. But I'm not sure where to fint the hex-code for the post-titles.

  4. I can't answer you so I'm backing out and someone with css knowledge can take over when they come along. Best wishes :)

    Wow! The change of theme you just made on your blog looks really nice.

  5. Which theme? :-) Because I have been switching back and forward awain now.. And I'm not sure what to use...

  6. When it comes to these kind of choices I am an artist and my preferences are firmly rooted in that background. I thought the Freshy theme really complimented your header nicely and the way the green background displays on comments looked great too. The contrasting pale orange headings in the sidebar IMO was exactly the right touch of warm colour to compliment the cool greens. My only negative feedback was the red lettering which I would had preferred to be the same blye as you have in your header. But I'm very opinionated do so keep that in mind. ;)

  7. Thanks, that is my old theme. But I am looking at a new theme now, and need some adwise :-P Do yo think it looks better or worse than the Freshy theme? :-) (This site is just for trying out) (this is my originally site)

  8. Well of the two now that I look at them more closely I would have to say that K2 Lite would be my preference because I like larger headers and it accomodates the blue spiral in the header better. Moreover K2 Lite has lots of white space and I like the clean appearance that lots of white space adds to a blog. But either one IMO is a good choice.

    If you're looking for more "greenness" then you might want to try Misty Look. It has the bonus feature of dark green lettering in the sidebar and it has a contact page template that most themes lack. Take a look at this to get an idea

  9. Thanks, exactly what I wanted to hear! :-) Because some of my readers have told me that the fonts on the freshy-theme is a little bit to small.

    Then I say good bye to the freshy theme, and I hope my readers will agree. If not, I will tell them to argue with timethief ;-)

  10. WOAH now don't you dare lay this at my feet. :P
    At least check out the Misty Look Theme. Granted you would have to make a larger header 806 pixels x 189 pixels but the green lettering is nice and the font is a readable size. If you are not going to have many Pages for static content you may prefer it.

  11. Look on the bright side timethief, if nothing else you get more visitors to your blog....even if they are coming to argue with you lol......there's always an upside, it's just sometimes you have to look for it.

  12. @dirkgently
    If you read my last post at you will note that it's my swan song. The stats don't matter a whit to me now - I threw in the towel and the post tells my readers why. The sidebar links have been pulled down. I'm tossing 879 links from 231 blogs on this 1 year old blog with a google page rank of 5 away. The blog will remain as an archive only.

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