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Edit Comments We Made on Other People's Blogs

  1. karenbethjones

    You have that section in the dashboard to see comments we've made on other people's blogs. I'd like to be able to edit or delete the comments I've made on other people's blogs. I mean, how often do you post something and then realize you included a typo or something? It would be nice to be able to change it like you can on LiveJournal.

    On LiveJournal it puts a note on the bottom of when the comment was edited. Before they allowed editing, they would allow you to at least delete your comments so long as no one had replied to them yet.

    You could do something like that.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm sorry but that's not possible.

    As I'm visually challenged I frequently leave an additional comment requesting the blogger edit my typos and my fellow bloggers are always gracious and accommodating.

  3. karenbethjones

    I'm aware that it doesn't do that now.

    Code can be rewritten.

    So long as the program has access to the database, it could be made to do this, if the programmers chose to do so.

    So, the code wouldn't be able to change comments on WordPress sites hosted outside, because it wouldn't have access to the database. But the programmers could totally make it capable of doing so on sites.

    If they wanted to.

    It's an idea thread. I'm just suggesting the idea.

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