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    According to the documentation at WordPress.com support, once you have purchased the CSS upgrade (which I have done) you should be able to edit the look of your contact form. http://support.wordpress.com/contact-form/

    I’d like to delete the ‘website’ field and replace it with a ‘phone number’ field.

    Anyone out there know how to do this??

    Thanks in advance!


    That would actually require access to the underlying theme PHP script files, and we do not have access to those. You can change the look of the contact-form page, but you cannot change the underlying functionality. The database field associated with the website field is not configured for a phone number.




    OK, thanks! (And, thesacredpath — thanks for your help in my last post too!!)

    The documentation states “If you have Custom CSS you can customize the look of the form” and I guess I took that to mean that I could customize it more like a WuFoo form would allow me to do.


    You’re very welcome as always.



    How do I get my email off of comments? I do not want people emailing me at my personal email address.
    I only want them to be able to leave comments on the particular Blog….

    Someone – Please help me?

    When I signed up it said my email would only be used for WordPress to contact me….
    But it is showing up for everyone to see next to my avatar…and anytime I leave a comment on their Blogs!
    How do I stop this, I cant have mail sent to my personal for comment replys?

    Thank you – Anyone……
    Sorry but I am new to this here, but have no problen on myspace.




    It also shows the person that left me a comment – their personal email address…..
    Maybe they wnat it like that but I do not…..How do I get rid of that and stop it from showing?


    Can you give me an example of where your email address showed up next to your avatar. Mine never has.



    The blog owner will always be able to see your email address if you leave a comment on their blog. If you don’t want this, make sure you’re signed out and leave a different email address with your comment. Your email will not be visible to the rest of the people who read the blog, just the blog owner.

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