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  1. OK i went to widgets text and i text my copy right the way i want it.
    what should i do next?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please be patient while waiting for assistance as there are many others who posted before you did and Staff will assist them first.

  3. thank you

  4. You're welcome.

  5. hi im still waiting for help

  6. Your copyright is showing up in the footer widget area. Where exactly do you want it?

  7. Hi yeah I wanted all the way on the bottom where is says
    "create a free website at|customized Hemingway rewritten theme"
    Thank you

  8. What did you want to do with that? You can't remove those notations or your blog will be suspended.

  9. Really? That's sucks , reason why I see all the website has their own copyrighted so that's why I'm asking for it to change if that so I have to search what site I can create my own copyright

  10. @thenewerameet, we can add your copyright above the existing footer text. Go to Appearance > Customize > CSS, delete all the informational text in that window, and paste in the following custom CSS and see what you think.

    .site-info:before {
        display: block;
        content: "Copyright © 2012 THENEWERAMEET ™ All Rights Reserved.";
        margin-bottom: 5px;
        color: #FFFFFF;
  11. yes! thank you and one more thing there a way to have countdown timer and also im trying to add underconstruction so people cant see what im doing
    thanks so much

  12. If you are looking for a countdown ticker for your free hosted blog see:
    Widgets for blogs: 8 – generic countdown timers
    Widgets for blogs: 8b – more countdown timers

    There are no site under constructions signs here. You can create a static front page and make you own on it.

  13. In addition, you may wish to take a look at the Milestone Widget here at which provides you with a simple way to create a countdown to a specific date.

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