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    Anyone know how to edit WordPress.com CSS on iPad? The tex field on the “custom design > CSS edit” page is not editable (no keyboard or cursor).

    The blog I need help with is peterdanieljames.com.


    I’ll see what I can find out about this—I’ll need to ask for help since I don’t have an iPad myself. I did try testing it in Safari 6 with the Develop → User Agent → iPad option, and it worked fine for me there but that likely wasn’t a good enough test.



    Thanks! (No time like the present to go buy one :-)…)


    Give me a free upgrade and I’ll test it for ya. ;-)


    When I try it on mine in the free preview it does not work.


    And the situation is the same on both the web page approach and the WordPress app.



    I have a feeling the only solution is going to be either 1) a change in the iPad safari browser itself (iOS 6?), 2) a change in the WordPress.com site, or 3) an added feature built into the WordPress app.

    Is there any way to request such a feature in the app?


    @peterdjames, this is something we’ll look into on our side! Hang tight though, I’m not sure exactly when we can get to it. I can’t promise a specific timeline, but hopefully within the next few weeks max (or sooner even).

    In the mean time, I’m hoping you have access to temporarily use a laptop or another computer instead of your iPad if you need to make CSS edits right now.


    @houstonweaver, also wanted to say, thanks tons for testing! Very helpful.


    Happy to test anytime.


    If it is any help, I have both WordPress.com sites and sites using wordpress on a web host. I AM able to use the Editor and edit CSS on my iPad in both the WordPress app and via the safari browser. I realize the editor is much different from the .com CSS interface.

    And on .com, I have only tried the testing because I haven’t decided which blog I would prefer to get the upgrade for.


    Got the CSS upgrade for one blog. Still no ability to edit on iPad.



    An update was deployed today that resolves this problem. Your CSS won’t be color coded in the editor on your iPad, which was a necessary side effect of this fix.

    When editing CSS from a desktop browser, the color coding will appear as it did prior to this update.

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