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Edit CSS Upgrade

  1. I was going to purchase this upgrade to give me the ability to add this plug-in to my blog: I did purchase the upgrade, would I be able to add such a plug-in?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. The CSS upgrade only allows you to change the appearance of your blog. More info here:

    It does not let you add new features, much less plugins, which cannot be installed on WordPress.COM:

  3. Thanks. Bummer.

  4. There is NO upgrade at other than the extremely expensive VIP upgrade that allows you to add plugins. Each upgrade applies only exactly to what it says and to nothing else.

  5. Hmm - we have RSS widgets to help people subscribe using RSS, there is the Subscribe email widget and Feedburner can be used here also - much of what the OP wanted with the fancy Plug-in

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