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    Hi Guys,

    I want to remove the blogs name from the Subject line of the emails the blog sends when someone registers or a comment is added to a post, where do I do this?

    I ahve looked through the includes and just cant see it anywhere, please help.



    The email notifications of comments to be moderated are of course formated the same way for all of the hundreds of thousands of wordpress bloggers.
    I’m not sure if I clearly understand you so please be patient with me.
    This is what I think you are saying …
    when I receive an email notifying me that I have a blog comment to moderate, I want a blank subject line in that email and no indication to which of my blogs the notification to moderate a comment applies.
    Is this what you really mean? Please clarify.



    I don’t want it blank, I want to change it so that it enters a specific phrase in the subject line instead of the blog name.



    Thanks for the clarity. This will become a suggestion for the ideas forum. The sysadmin decision on it will not of course be made for some time. There are hundreds of thousands of wordpress bloggers and I’m sure you can appreciate that allowing them each on each of their blogs to specify text strings in subject lines of email notifications for comments for moderation would be a huge change.






    You’re welcome. I’ve just noticed that you have only been a member for less than an hour so I’d like to share some very useful resource links that you can use in the future.

    (1) Please read me first before posting is a pink sticky at the head of the forum that clearly outilines the comparison of wordpress.com and wordpress.org services http://wordpress.com/forums/topic.php?id=3700&replies=1
    (2) wordpress.com features list is very useful too http://wordpress.com/blog/2006/10/04/features-page/
    (3) drmike our forum moderator has a pink sticky on FAQs http://wordpress.com/forums/topic.php?id=467&replies=2
    (4) This is the link to the FAQs blog http://wordpress.com/forums/
    (5) the forum search box is a treasure trove full of information
    Welcome to wordpress. :)



    The Subject lines are hard coded within teh code. You would have to modify the WordPress source code on your own site.

    This question is outside of this support forums as you’re running different software than we are here at wp.com. As per TT’s suggestion, please hop over to http://wordpress.org

    I politely suggest that you always read a post labeled Read me first before posting as that would have directed you to the correct forum.

    Good luck,

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